Esteban Carreras Covenant Maduro cigars are a treasure trove of full-bodied pleasure.The Esteban Carreras Covenant Maduro cigar is another strong blend from a company that’s managed to stay under the radar for years. Like many boutiques, this company has had trouble getting attention from the industry at large, but they haven’t been missed by most experienced aficionados. However, with the brand’s successful launch of the Chupacabra along with this blend, they appear poised to enter the spotlight at any moment.


This stick comes with a Habano Oscuro wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and several Nicaraguan fillers. The fillers are taken from the country’s finest tobacco growing regions, including Esteli, Jalapa and Ometepe. It is available in four vitolas, including Robusto (5 1/2 x 54), Toro (6 x 54), Torpedo (6 1/4 x 54) and Double Corona (7 x 54). The wrapper is dry, but has a smooth feel that’s akin to velvet. There is little veining present and it gives a little when squeezed. The stogie is double banded, with the company’s standard light blue, dark blue and silver primary band, and a white, black and silver secondary band displaying the name of the blend. The two bands are designed to interlock, giving the stick a sharp appearance.


The first third of the Esteban Carreras Covenant Maduro cigar starts off a little punishing with some intense spice notes, but they die down quickly. Once they fade some, a combination of dry earth and leather notes fill out the profile. Reviewers also detected a flavor not often encountered: rose petals. The rose petals give the smoke a lighter feel and stick to a secondary role behind the earth and leather. There’s also a general sweetness in the blend that fills out the rest of the profile.


In the second third, the flavors remain for the most part. However, they are further developed and grow in strength in this part of the stick. This is particularly true of the sweetness, which becomes more intense near the halfway mark of the stogie. However, it is held in check by a fruity taste that finishes a little on the tart side. The sweet and tart combination makes for a complex flavor swirl.


The last third of the smoke drops the fruit and sweet flavors in favor of some spice and salt. The leather is still present and ramps up in intensity even more, joining the spice and salt in the foreground. The nub is a bit warmer than average, but it finishes well according to reviewers.


The Esteban Carreras Covenant Maduro cigar has a nice easy draw and a burn that only requires a few touchups. This stick is definitely for experienced smokers, as it sits firmly in the full bodied and full strength range. However, those that are able to handle its strength and intensity will soon understand why this brand is considered a hidden gem.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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