Padilla Dominus CigarsThe Padilla Dominus cigars are another successful line produced by Ernesto and Carlos Padilla. Venturing out on their own in 2003, they have developed a thriving boutique brand of cigars. This particular line was made to suit everyone's tastes in sizing, offering seven different vitolas.

 Churchill 7.00" x 48

 Torpedo 6.25" x 52

 Double Robusto 5.00" x 54

 Toro Gordo 6.00" x 52

 Corona Gorda 5.75" x 46

 Robusto 5.00" x 50

 Perla 4.00" x 44

The Perla is packaged in a box of 30 while the rest of them are packed with 24 to a box. This beautifully banded stick is receiving exceptional reviews as probably the most full-bodied smoke this company has produced. Its moderate complexity has many reeling over it.

The Padilla Dominus cigars are a Nicaraguan Puro. They used a Cuban seed Nicaraguan Corojo that was planted in 2006. Cuban seed that is planted elsewhere is otherwise known as a hybrid tobacco. The company chose to hand select 50 dealers to carry the line since there is only a limited availability of the tobacco leaves. This line was given its first public appearance at the 2012 New Orleans IPCPR trade show.

Those that have been fortunate enough to try the Padilla Dominus cigars all agreed that the rich reddish brown wrapper looked beautiful. Many said it carried a slight oiliness to the touch, but did not have an overtly oily appearance. Reviewers agreed that this stick was virtually flawless to look at, with some stating there were a few veins present. It was firmly packed and evenly so throughout the length. It featured three caps. Most of the reviews said they were a bit surprised at the pre-light draw. With the firmness of the stick, this draw offered only a little bit of resistance.

The first third of the Padilla Dominus cigars gave way to some pretty strong spicy notes. The reviews wavered between white and red pepper, but all said it left a lively peppery taste in the mouth and on the lips. There were also notes of cloves or cinnamon spice. In the background, they noticed a nice woody note, likened to an oak. The first third offered up a fair amount of smoke and many said that the ash held fairly well and was rather light in coloring. The beginning was definitely a medium bodied experience, however, as reviewers made it towards the second third it moved to a more medium to full body.

The second third of the stick was said to have a smooth and creamy smoke, even though it remained consistently spicy. Complimentary sweet tones emerged here, settling nicely on the palate. Here, many said they tasted notes of nuts with the addition to some leather flavoring.

The final third offered the smokers a strong full-bodied finish. They all stated that even though these Padilla Dominus cigars carried their spiciness all the way through to the finish, it never became over powering. Most found it quite agreeable to the sinus and the palate alike. One said this would be a great cigar after a rough work day, especially paired with a relaxing drink.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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