La Aurora Barrel Aged CigarsThe La Aurora Barrel Aged cigars are allowed to mature for several years prior to being made available for the public to enjoy. The La Aurora Barrel Aged cigars were originally held in their casks for a year. However, when the creators withdrew the stogies, they decided to lay them to rest for a little while longer. Though it is a popular belief that they were held there for 4 years, it is not known for sure how long the sticks were actually stored. The reviewers, however, appeared to have greatly enjoyed the final product.

The company that produced these cigars is La Aurora. The firm is headquartered in the Dominican Republic. The business is one of the oldest around, at 107 years old. They are known far and wide for their creations, though many of them are said to be milder than this particular offering. The La Aurora Barrel Aged cigars are one of their most popular accomplishments, and it is sold at a fairly reasonable price for the quality. The stogies are packed in a box pressed manner, keeping them from rolling about in their casings. This company is widely popular among seasoned aficionados.

The La Aurora Barrel Aged cigars are packed consistently with both Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobacco. It is wrapped in a Dominican binder leaf. The binder is what keeps the filler packed together in the proper shape. This binding is encased in Dominican Corojo leaves, which are one of the most commonly used wrappers of the industry. The wrapper lends a great deal of flavor to this stick. The stogie was fermented in cases that once held rum, which contributes a sweeter flavor to the smoke complimented by oaky undertones. The production of this stick created a nicely rolled stogie for many to enjoy.

The experience begins with a firmer draw, though reviewers noted that it loosens over time. The smoke it produces is thick and full of flavors from the first light to the nub. Throughout the experience, reviewers noted that the flavors change from pleasantly sweet to creamy and oaky. The first third has an even light, with the stick self-correcting as it progresses. It has been said to be a medium bodied offering in the first two thirds. The final third progressed to be a medium to full bodied experience with thick plume of smoke. As the stogie draws to a close, many reported the flavors of Corojo really bursting forth.

Aged for several years, the La Aurora Barrel Aged cigars are reportedly bolder than the usual stogies produced by this company. As they reached their 107th year, they decided to throw something new into the mix of milder offerings. The combination of flavors creates a fascinating mixture between sweet and bold, with a stronger oaky taste to spice things up. Those that have tried this magnificent creation enjoyed them after a long hard day and a premium glass of bourbon. These would also be a nice offering as a gift to a friend or an important client. They would be well received indeed.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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