Trinidad TTT Maduro Cigar

Wrapper: Ecuador, USA Blackened Connecticut     Binder: Ecuador, USA Coonecticut

Filler: Dom. Rep., Nicaragua, Peru

Strength: full Sizes: 6 ¼ x 54

Trinidad TTT Maduro CigarsKick back and relax with an upscale cigar, such as the Trinidad TTT Maduro. This is definitely a  Trinidad cigar that is worth your money, especially for the extreme and superb taste you will get after using your cigar lighter and cutter, firing up this baby and puffing on this cigar.

This cigar has a rich, smooth, and tasty smoke. It offers a lightly leathery, woody and spice taste that is immediate with the first draw. As the Trinidad TTT Maduro progresses, it becomes more intense, igniting your taste buds with a rich and full-bodied smoke. It lacks the harshness that most full-bodied cigars contain, but still packs a punch of poignant smoke. It is however, a fairly strong cigar with a good combination of flavor. It is definitely not lacking in the flavor department. Your taste buds will be screaming for more after you try this woodsy cigar. It offers a masculine flavor that will surely arouse your senses.

From the outside of the cigar, the wrapper is even, smooth, and lightly oiled, with few veins. Rolled with perfection, this USA blackened Connecticut wrapped cigar is top of the class for your cigar needs and tastes. Not only does it smoke to perfection, but it also looks like perfection. It is important to make sure that your cigar looks like something desired to be smoked. Altogether this cigar is a beautiful package.

Not only will the aroma of the Trinidad TTT Maduro entice you, but it’s powerful and intense scent will fill the room with an array of scents ranging from woodsy to a masculine musk. It is wonderfully aromatic and a needed must for the experienced aficionado. This full and hearty cigar was rated 92 in the Cigar Aficionado Magazine. The Magazine raved about the fullness and excellent taste of this cigar. Not only will you enjoy the flavor, but the aroma is heavy and full scented for an entire room as well. If your the type of smoker that enjoys cigar smoking and only get that real satisfaction from a full bodied smoke the TTT Maduro should adorn your humidor as one of your go to sticks.

Yes, Jose Seijas has created another exquisite brand, The Trinidad. These cigars were once used as gifts by the Castro government and are distinctive in their own right. The Trinidad TTT Maduro cigars are both gutsy, and masculine, combined into one. If the cigar was used as a gift for government officials, you know that this is a cigar that has some power to its taste. It won’t let you down and will fill the room with its presidential presence. Smoked by many aficionados, it is in an era of it’s own. This exceptional cigar will hold its own and leave you with a sense of power and prestige.

As you can see, this cigar is almost entirely flawless. Packed with a full-bodied flavor of spices, woods, and a mild leathery flavor, the Trinidad TTT Maduro will open up your world to a masculine combination. Powerful and bold in taste, with an undertone of smoothness, this cigar will please your taste buds and amuse your senses. The way I look at it, if it’s good enough for a dignitary, then I don’t want to miss out on it.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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