Wrapper: Connecticut shade                                 Binder: Mexican

Filler: Domican                                                     Strength: medium bodied

Sizes: variety

Macanudo Maduro CigarOnce again the Macanudo cigar brand has outdone itself with the release of the Macanudo Maduro cigar. This stick outshines many others with its taste and aroma. It proves to be an outstanding cigar that appeals to many. With just one cigar, your taste buds will be hooked and begging you to order more. A sweet and light flavor distinguishes this cigar from other brands. This caramel beauty is one that will leave an impression to be desired.

After the ultimate success of the Macanudo Café line of cigars came the introduction of the Macanudo Maduro. As many other Macanudos, this cigar has a classic natural wrapper. It offers a very smooth and mild flavor with the addition of a sweet Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This combination gives it more flavor and complexity than most other cigars. This ebony colored Connecticut broadleaf wrapper has been extra fermented and gives the taste a nice, complex finish. They are the choicest wrapper leaves grown in San Andres Tuxtia Valley of Mexico.

Produced today in the Domincan Republic, and sold as a brand in the portfolio of general Cigar, Macanudo is the best selling cigar brand in America for several reasons. Not only is the brand name trustworthy of its flavor and aroma, they offer top quality cigars that look, feel, and taste like top quality. These cigars were produced in the 1970s. In response to the demand for full flavored cigars, an even richer Macanudo Maduro was constructed and introduced in 1999. They offer you the richest, fullest flavor from the premium cigar brand. This cigar will send you into one of the most tasteful moments of relaxation. After smoking this cigar you may never go back to a natural wrapper again. Only Macanudo could make a mellow cigar that can still achieve its rich Maduro flavor.

As far as look, the Macanudo Maduro is dark and smooth, and a little less oily than most cigars. The wrapper has few small veins and is a solidly dense cigar. It is not soft or spongy at all to the touch. After lighting up a cigar, the Maduro wrapper emits many sugars deposits that envelop the air in the room with a very memorable and sweet aroma. The first taste reveals a creamy flavor, with hints of dark chocolate. It would taste wonderfully if paired with a warm cup of robust coffee. This is a very smooth and mild cigar. The creamy mocha flavors in this cigar continue to hold their own throughout the entire smoke. As with all Macanudo’s high construction qualities, this cigar’s burn is perfect and even to the end. The white ash holds in place from inch to inch until it is gently knocked off. For smooth flavor and dependable construction, this cigar lives up to the reputation that Macanudo cigars are so well know for.

Wonderfully articulated and built with a smooth tasteful flavor, the Macanudo Maduro is a cigar that will not disappoint you. This classic beauty is brought to you by the best selling cigar company in America. And you will understand why when you become impressed from the very first draw.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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