Wrapper: San Andres corojo                                 Binder: Connecticut broadleaf

Filler: Ultra premium Nicaraguan and Dominican

Strength: light to medium                                         Sizes: lonsdale

Trinidad Edicion Limitada CigarThe Trinidad Edicion Limitada is a cigar that is blended of extraordinary character. The three legendary cigar names Romeo y Julieta, H Upmann and Trinidad join forces to create an absolutely brilliant product to be smoked. This concoction of extraordinary greatness is a very limited edition. As a limited edition, these cigars are produced for one year only, and in limited quantities. You will experience the world’s most prestigious cigar brands together as one for a limited time, and it is definitely one that you will not want to miss. The result is an interwoven mix of indescribable taste and flavor that will not leave you disappointed.

How does a cigar of this stature taste, one may ask? Upon lighting, the first draw from the cigar is extremely powerful. This premium cigar is known for its pronounced flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate. Although it does contain some undertones of earth, leather, and wood notes, the retro-hale carries some baker’s chocolate and cinnamon spice. A perfect complement to this Trinidad cigar would be a warm cup of coffee, since the cigar is not an oily one, but kind of dry to the taste. It is medium to full bodied in both strength and flavor. The tobacco for the Trinidad Edicion Limitada has been aged for two years. The dark wrapper on this limited edition is from the priming the higher sections of the tobacco plant.

Trinidad’s were once a mystery brand of Havana’s, and were reserved for only government gifts to politicians and other dignitaries from as early as 1969. However, the official launch date of this present day cigar was not until 1997. So if you are looking for a high-class cigar, then the Trinidad Edicion Limitada is reserved for you. As you can see, it has a history of being reserved for only the best, and only the best will be able to acquire such a cigar due to its limited quantities.

The smoke and draw of the cigar is smooth, and it burns evenly and slowly. The unbelievably rough and rustic texture is marked by several discoloration marks. The Trinidad Edicion Limitada is without a doubt a manly looking wrapper as it is somewhat dark, and is made of Criollo 98. It is then filled with Dominican and Nicaraguan ultra premium tobaccos. The cigar exhales a pleasant tobacco odor that has a sort of woody smell to it. Overall, the look and smell of the cigar could be described as an outdoorsy type of smoke, contrary to the sweet and spice that it brings from the first draw.

From the makers of world leaders in cigars, Romeo y Julieta, H Upmann and Trinidad came together to offer this limited edition of cigars. Chances are that any smoker that enjoys a high-class smoke will not want to miss the opportunity to smoke one of these artfully blended cigars. Coming from a long line of greatness that has been enjoyed by government officials and dignitaries, you can see that this limited edition has been one of the cigar world’s best-kept secrets


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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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