Cigar: Trinidad 100th Anniversary

Wrapper: Nicaraguan corojo             Binder: Connecticut broadleaf

Filler: Nicaraguan                              Strength: mild Sizes: Toro 54x6”

Robust 54x 5”Petite Robusto 54x4 1/1”

Trinidad 100th Anniversary CigarsCreated by Altadis USA, the Trinidad 100th Anniversary was made to celebrate the founding of the brand by Diego and Ramon Trinidad around the year 1905. These hardware traders were brothers who bought their wares in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba. They then transported them for sales to remote villages of the region. One day as they were hauling their empty wagons back home they began to notice the magnificent tobacco crops around them. It made sense for them to fill up their wagons with the bountiful crop and try to sell some of this commodity in Santa Clara, when they returned. They succeeded and found themselves in the tobacco business. They began to see that more of a profit would come from cigars than it would from cigarettes. So the brothers decided to hire many cigar rollers, and began to sell cigars in a shop in the nearby town of Ranchuelo. They saw much more success with this type of product, and so, the Trinidad y Hermano was born. Success came with the cigar, and the brothers hired more workers and created larger factories. However, all of their success came to a screeching halt when their large crop of tobacco leaves were attacked by tobacco beetles. One of the brothers, Diego, decided it would be best if the remains of the crops were chopped and saved for cigarettes. This once thought tragedy ended up turning out for the best. Their once successful cigar industry again became a cigarette factory and business was booming. They did continue to make cigars but were primarily cigarette producers. The Trinidad 100th Anniversary cigar is a way for the brothers to celebrate the 100 years of hard work and dedication that their family has accomplished throughout the struggles and successes during those years.

By just appearance, the Trinidad 100th Anniversary cigar can be looked upon as high quality. The reason is because on the tip of the cigar is a thin little pigtail that cannot be seen because it is pasted to the top. The cigar is constructed so finely that it is an indication of the quality to be smoked. A darkish natural color, this cigar wrapper is oily to the touch. The cigar is made with a San Andres Corojo wrapper, and contains a Nicaraguan filler and binder.

The scent perfumed from this cigar is a bit grassy, but remarkable to say the least. With the burn being even and trouble free, this cigar leaves a pile of solid white trophy. The smoke from this cigar remains smooth and even to the end, and wonderfully aromatic.

The taste of the Trinidad 100th Anniversary is a combination of flavors. It begins with a sweet caramel and slightly salty cedar flavor, and backtracks to leather, and then returns back to the cedar taste. Some say that the end is a blend of peppery spices as it trails back off to the salty cedar. All of these flavors combined are a true delicacy. It is a solid bodied, medium cigar, packed with classic and complex flavors that makes these cigars a treat to savor. The Trinidad 100th Anniversary cigars are full flavored cigars to say the least, and come from a history of family that believed, and never gave up.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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