Tres Reynas Limited Edition CigarsTwo of the most recognizable families in the tobacco industry have joined together to create the Tres Reynas limited edition cigars. Spanish for “Three Queens”, involved in the stogie and its creation are Patricia and Raquel Quesada and Janny Garcia. The Quesada sisters are involved in S.A.G Imports and Garcia is a well-known member of My Father Cigars.

This stogie was revealed at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show and 1,000 boxes of each of the three vitolas were released shortly after. This year, the stick is making a repeat appearance.

The Tres Reynas limited edition cigars come with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, and binders and fillers from Nicaragua. The wrapper is the color of dark chocolate and has a silky appearance. The dark wrapper hides the veins and seams quite well. Reviewers found that the wrapper has a rough, sandy feel to it, unlike most other stogies. The band is white and gold, and features a simple silhouette of the three women involved in the blend. The name of the stick is stamped in gold cursive under the silhouettes. This year’s release will involve four vitolas. They include Corona (5 x 46 and new in this release), Robusto (5 x 50), Belicoso (6 x 52) and Gordo (6 x 60).

The pre-light draw consists of bold coffee flavors with a touch of cedar. In the first third of the Tres Reynas limited edition cigars, the coffee notes apparent in the pre-light draw are present, but taste more like mocha than anything else. The mocha is said to be slightly sweet. The Garcia family is known for its peppery flavors, but it takes a few minutes before the black pepper shows up in this stick. Once it does, though, it quickly becomes the primary taste. Once it settles down, the mocha becomes the dominant note again. Some reviewers also detected creamy flavors in the background.

During the second third of the stick, the mocha is joined by leather notes in the foreground. The cream and pepper tastes are still present, but are secondary. The black pepper increases in intensity shortly before moving into the final third.

In the last third of the Tres Reynas limited edition cigars, the black pepper becomes a primary flavor again with the leather and mocha notes. The creamy flavor slowly fades out completely throughout this part of the stogie. The black pepper gives the finish a spicy kick, but the stick finishes without harshness. The nub is slightly soft, but cool to the touch.

While the flavors in this stogie aren’t extremely complex, some reviewers felt that it really blossomed when allowed to age some. Reviewers agreed that the burn and draw were both excellent. This should come as no surprise, because the Garcias and Quesadas are both known for their ability to produce high quality sticks. The strong construction allows this stogie to perform well, with a sharp burn line and a nice and easy draw. The Tres Reynas limited edition cigars are medium to full bodied and medium to full in strength. While they are ideally suited for an experienced smoker, novice enthusiasts may find them to be a good transition to stronger cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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