Trader Jacks Kickin CigarsOnce you light a Trader Jacks Kicking cigar, you may feel as though you have been transported to a beautiful Caribbean island. An aromatic infusion of island spices will overtake your senses as you begin to smoke one of these beauties. It isn’t hard to imagine the tropical winds blowing as you inhale the sweetness that is presented from this finely crafted stick.

While being 6.5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 45, Trader Jacks Kicking cigar will definitely meet all of your expectations and more. Its shape is described as Lonsdale. Filled with wonderfully blended tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, this smoke offers just what its name insists and that is a spicy kick.

Trader Jacks Kicking cigar is described as a mild cigar that packs a very sweet punch. You will notice hints of wonderful aromas and tastes such as cocoa, island jerk spice, cognac, and a slight note of vanilla. While this is a mild offering, it also delights from the light up to the nub. The taste is consistent throughout. Another thing that aficionados rave about is that the consistency from one stick to the next is spot on. The taste is hard to beat.

It holds a nice long ash and presents a wonderful head. The wrapper is a darker shade of brown making it a natural colored wrapper. While these sticks have been described as rustic, the flavor and aroma make a mockery of this being anything but a rustic smoke. They are easy to light and stay lit on the first try. The pre-draw offers the distinctive taste of smoky vanilla, and then gives way to all of the other wonderful spices that make you feel as if the ocean will be licking at your toes at any minute.

Trader Jacks Kicking cigar offers a great deal of smoke that is aromatic and thick. This makes these smokes extremely enjoyable, whether you are a novice who is just beginning to appreciate this premium brand, or a connoisseur who knows just what they are looking for, and can identify a good stick when they find it.

Many people who like to smoke a pipe say that they prefer the taste of the Trader Jacks Kicking cigar. They compare this smoke to a pipe on the go when speaking of the taste comparisons between the two.

Perhaps one of the biggest things that make this such an unbelievable bargain, is the affordability of these premium smokes. One of the oldest manufacturers in the United States, J.C. Newman, offers these sticks that go a long way to provide four generations of experience and expertise. It is hard to understand that they can be so affordable coming from such a reputable maker. Even those on a very limited budget can enjoy these sticks.

So grab a package of these fine offerings as soon as you can, and find yourself transformed from the trials and tribulations of your everyday life to a carefree hammock on the beach.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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