Summer is coming and for cigar smokers everywhere, this means countless opportunities to light up some of your favorite smokes. While in my mind, the best cigar is the one you are enjoying with friends, with the hot weather there are some smokes that will be better at optimizing your smoking experience. While I am a fan of dark, bold cigars, sometimes in the heat they aren’t the best option. Lets take a look at some amazing smokes that you are going to love this summer.

Espinosa Laranja

 Take one look at the Laranja, and you instantly think of summer. It is reminiscent of an orange cream-sicle, which is always a good treat on a hot day. This masterpiece from Nicaraguan bad boy Erik Espinosa is bursting with rich and sweet flavors. Along with the spice that you will get from its Nicaraguan fillers, its orange hued Brazilian wrapper emits notes of citrus and a dash of sweetness. This is one of my go to summertime smokes and has been for a few years. This will pair excellently with an ice cold sour beer.

Undercrown Shade

 When Drew Estate announced a Connecticut version of their hugely popular Undercrown line, a lot of fans were skeptical… until they tried it. This is one of the few cigars that was able to combined the smooth mellow taste of a Connecticut shade wrapper with rich and flavorful Nicaraguan tobacco. Its nots of cream and vanilla blend effortlessly with a dash of sweet spice and leather for a top notch mellow-medium cigar. It makes a great pairing with some nice American style lagers.

Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

 While my normal go to from Robert Holt is the Jacobs Ladder, ill admit it’s a bit too intense for a really hot day. That’s while ill reach for his other brand new cigar, the Rose of Sharon. This is top notch craftsmanship with a subtle artistic characteristic too it. It is complex, yet not overbearing. Each of the tobaccos and their respective flavors work together in harmony for one of the best medium body cigars you can find. If you are a fan of whiskey, then this is the one for you. If it’s hot outside, id throw an ice cube or two in the drink.

Montecristo White Series

 This is the ultimate cigar for the mellow aficionado. For years, the Montecristo White Series has been the go to cigar for the premium smoker who enjoys some smooth and creamy. Its blend of tobaccos, including its Ecuadorian Connecticut hade wrapper are the epitome of aged and smooth tobaccos. No overbite or nasty flavor, just hints of vanilla and cream from start to finish. This is great for the golf course and a nice partner for a sweet iced coffee.

RoMa Craft Aquitaine

 Yes, this is definitely the strongest cigar on this list, but you need a RoMa Craft in your life during the summer months. While my go to is the CroMagnon, I find the Aquitaine a bit smoother and less intense, especially during those heat waves in the summer. It is a combination of zesty and sweet with riveting citrus notes and hints of leather and coffee as well. A darker craft beer is a good pairing, something im sure Skip and Mike would approve of.

POSTED ON Jun 05, 2018


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