Tiante Habano Oscuro CigarThe Tiante Habano Oscuro cigar has been around for about a year, and was created by former Boston Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant and his son. They have partnered with Don Pepin Garcia and My Father Cigars to produce this gem, and the collection of talent shines through. This stick is a throwback, and has a rustic look and solid flavor profile that aficionados are thrilled with.  It is designed with all smokers in mind and is said to be a nice relaxing stogie after dinner.

Like most other My Father sticks, the Tiante Habano Oscuro cigar is made with a Habano wrapper that is of Ecuadorian seed. The binder and filler are both from Nicaraguan plants. It currently comes in four vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Pyramid (6 x 52) and Toro Gordo (6 x 60). The wrapper is coffee brown, though it is darker in some areas, and is considered toothy and rustic by most reviewers. It is not oily to the touch, and has some veining. One reviewer said that the stick had a charming straightforward appearance. The band is blue, with an image of Cuba and “El Tiante” stamped on it in gold. The band and lettering are trimmed with gold, and are flanked by the American and Cuban flags.

The pre-light draw and aroma are filled with leather and mild chocolate layers, and do a good job of foreshadowing what is to come. In the first third of the Tiante Habano Oscuro cigar, the dominating flavors are pepper, leather and oak. Unlike other stogies in the line, the pepper in this stick is not extremely punchy, so it is palatable for those that are novices.

Shortly into the second third, the leather transforms into the chocolate notes reminiscent of the pre-light draw. The chocolate becomes the dominant taste, and while the pepper is still apparent, it fades a little into the background. The final third brings a strong transition, as the pepper changes into a form of baking spice. The spice is the primary notes until the end of the stick, though the chocolate is still said to be quite prominent.  The end of the Tiante Habano Oscuro cigar is more spicy than peppery, and is rather smooth.

The burn and draw are both considered excellent. Though a few touchups may be needed to correct the smoke, the draw is just right without being too tight or relaxed throughout the smoke. In all, the construction got high marks from nearly all of the reviewers, who found it to be professional and precisely crafted. The Tiante Habano Oscuro cigar, well liked by experienced aficionados, is also perfect for a novice who wants to try something unique as the stick is medium to full bodied without being too complex to handle. Most reviewers believed it is also right around medium in strength, but because the flavors are robust, it plays up to be a little stronger. Fortunately, because the notes are so well balanced and aren’t overwhelming, this robustness isn’t an impediment for smokers that want something a little more laid back. It appears that the partnership with Don Garcia and My Father has created a home run for the former ballplayer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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