The Asylum 60x6 Ogre Cigars Online Review and InformationThe Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars stand out for several reasons, and not just because they are available in some monstrous sizes. For one, it’s a barber pole, and those are always visually interesting. Also, the barber pole contains a candela wrapper, a tobacco that isn’t seen in many sticks these days. That being said, candela wrappers and barber poles are enjoyed by a lot of enthusiasts and have a place in the industry. Fortunately, this stick brings out the best in both and proves that even a stick with complex construction can provide a steady, flavorful experience.

As already mentioned, the Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars are made with a pair of wrappers, including a candela and a Habano Maduro. The binder and fillers are from Nicaragua, making it a Nicaraguan Puro. In addition to its 6 x 60 vitolas, the smoke is available in some pretty wild sizes. These include a 5 x 50, a 7 x 70 and even a fat 6 x 80. The two wrappers, one the color of dark chocolate and the other an olive green, each spiral down the length of the stick. It has some noticeable veins but is smoother and well composed for such a unique stick. The band is rather understated when compared to the rest of the stick, but it gets the job done by displaying the name of the blend in white lettering on a black and red background. The cold draw contains cream, mint, coffee and spice flavors, none of which should be a surprise given the composition of the wrappers.

The first third of the Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars is something that aficionados may see coming. It immediately produces grass and cream flavors, both common to candela wrappers. It also brings out pepper and chocolate notes, which are in a lot of Maduro's. Before long, the cream flavor takes charge and pushes everything else to the back of the profile. At times, the chocolate notes creep up to the front as well, but it’s the cream that runs the show.

During the middle third of the smoke, the chocolate shifts into the background, and though the cream is still the dominant flavor, it is challenged by the grass and pepper flavors. Around the halfway mark, the pepper begins ramping up in intensity and becomes a strong secondary note that compares well with the cream.

In the last third of the Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars, it’s still the cream and pepper leading the way, with the chocolate and grass remaining in the background. By the time the stick enters the home stretch, the pepper grows strong enough to overtake the cream and become the primary flavor. This is how the smoke ends, with a surge of black pepper.

Barber poles are notoriously finicky when it comes to burning and drawing, but the Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars defy the conventional idea. Specifically, they offer a well above average burn and draw, and with their mild-medium body, they offer a perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to try something they may not have witnessed before.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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