Electronic Cigarette RefillsAlternative smoking devices come in many shapes and forms, and this is also true of electronic cigarette refills. Most manufacturers that produce a kit also make their own flavor liquids, but it’s not always necessary to only use proprietary e-liquid. The design of the device and the brand will determine whether or not it accepts universal cartridges. Each device is made up of an atomizer, a battery and the liquid reservoir, and these must all fit together for it to produce ample vapor.

Many users stick with electronic cigarette refills produced by the manufacturer that put together their device. This is not always recommended, though, because some companies offer superior parts, a wider range of flavors or less expensive products. All kits are designed one of two ways. Two-piece designs are made up of a battery and disposable atomizer and cartridge combo (known as a cartomizer). Three-piece builds include a reusable battery, reusable atomizer and a refillable e-liquid reservoir. Most flavor liquids can be used with three-piece designs, as long as they can be poured into the container. It’s more difficult to find universal cartridges for two-piece devices, because the reservoir is not normally accessible.

However, there are generic, “blank” cartridges for these designs that can be plugged into a device if it is compatible with the model. Most products are created with the KR808D-1, KR808D-2, DSE103, L88B or 510 designation. These refer to the size and form factor of the product, and can be matched up with various universal adapters that make it possible to use electronic cigarette refills from other brands. Because the industry is still fairly new, there is variance between brands, even when they use the same model. A smoker will need to check product labeling to verify whether or not a universal adapter or blank cartridge will work with a certain brand.

Most brands offer electronic cigarette refills in several tobacco flavors. This tends to be the most popular taste among users, so there are dozens of blends available. These encompass everything from traditional blends like Virginia tobacco to recognizable brands like Marlboro to exotic tastes like Middle Eastern or Turkish tobacco. The second most popular flavor is menthol, and there are several variations of this, too. The most used is the standard menthol that nearly every smoker is familiar with. Other menthol blends include spearmint, peppermint or stranger flavors like mint tea or mint ice cream.

After tobacco and menthol, the range of available electronic cigarette refills is impressive. Most manufacturers produce several fruit blends, like cherry, strawberry, grape and orange. Less common varieties include blueberry, apple, pineapple, mandarin, raspberry and watermelon. Several designs are also compatible with chocolate and vanilla, in addition to spice mixes like cinnamon and nutmeg. For the most part, these blends are sweet instead of savory, though there are a few that taste like alcohol, like whiskey or piña colada. Peanut butter, cotton candy and coffee are also on the market, and are among the most unique flavors available.

Proper device maintenance is important to get the best flavor out of the vapor generator. The liquid reservoir and atomizer should be cleaned frequently to prevent residue from forming and burning off.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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