Ploom E Cigarettes BestPloom e cigarettes are pod based “e-cigarettes” that include tobacco flavors, as well as non tobacco flavors. Ploom e-cigarettes are called model Ones. The Model One is actually designed more like a hookah system than an electronic cigarette, but once common word usage takes over it can be hard to reclaim it. The tobacco and other flavors are packaged in something called pods. Ploom pods are packaged in a multi-pod package, and you twist the packaging to open it. You can pull out an individual pod to insert into the Ploom smoker. In order to do this, you pull off the smoking tip after squeezing the sides of the Ploom smoker. Then you insert the pod and return the mouthpiece, taking care to align it properly. You need the starter button to be pushed in slowly to start it, and after you hear the butane, you push it in fully. When you’re finished using it, you push the off button, located near the starter button, and remove the mouthpiece so you can remove the pod.

The pods are only heated, so the tobacco isn’t burned, but you don’t need separate lighters like a regular cigarette. Each pod lasts for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the smoker. The vaporization that occurs in the Model One is from heating it just enough to utilize the pods. There’s no actual smoke produced, since there’s nothing burned. What looks like smoke is actually a vapor that will evaporate with no residue visible on your clothing, in the air, or in anyone’s lungs.

A Ploom e cigarette is butane powered so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding fresh fuel for it once yours runs low. A full charge of butane will keep the Ploom Model One running for two hours of usage time.

The tobacco and herbal blends are all made at the company factory in San Francisco. The names of the tobacco blends are: Rocket, Cafe Noir, Naked, Orchard, and Gold. Rocket is tobacco with mint and cinnamon. Cafe Noir has cacao added to the tobacco. Naked is just tobacco. Orchard adds some peach flavor to the tobacco. Gold is tobacco with the added taste of honey-cognac. In addition to the tobacco flavors, there are two non-tobacco flavors: Blue Tea and Kick-Ass Mint. Blue Tea brings you the taste of English breakfast tea, along with berry flavors. Kick-Ass Mint is a potent peppermint option. The pods themselves are made from food-grade aluminum and are fully recyclable when you’re finished with them.

You need to be sure that you only use Ploom pods in the Model One, and not try to use other things. Using tobacco or other things that aren’t the pods will invalidate your warranty, so it’s something to pay attention to.

Ploom e cigarettes are a different way for a smoker to have the smoking experience. Since they don’t burn the tobacco, you don’t have to deal with some of the side effects like second hand smoke. A Ploom E cigarette can be used in places where you can’t smoke traditional cigarettes, which you might like if you are a heavy smoker.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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