Buy Viaje Full Moon Robusto Grande Cigars OnlineThe limited edition Viaje Full Moon cigar is the newest seasonal release by Andre Farkas and his boutique brand. Known for their small batch methods, they chose to introduce a fresh line-up to coincide with their annual October Skull and Bones release event. While the distribution was minimal, reviewers were excited to get their hands on one of their own.

Spanish for "journey," Viaje has been built on the concept that a higher quality product is far superior to aiming for mass quantities. Farkas believes that in order to present reliable smokes to their loyal customers, the brand must employ their tobaccos in moderation. That is exactly what has been accomplished with this fall introduction out of their Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras.

Distributed in bundles of 24 and swaddled in orange paper, the Honduras born Viaje Full Moon arrives in a collectible display box
. Circular in appearance, the black wooden container bears the cigar's title and the year 2013, along with a menacing jack-o-lantern. With only 400 boxes released, it comes as no surprise to smokers that their bundles retail for $274, while the box alone comes with its own $30 price tag.

Fresh out of the humidor, the attention to detail is evident from the start. Produced in a single vitola, the 5 x 58 Robusto Gordo, each is adorned with one of two bands available. When the two different bands are placed together, a panoramic picture is revealed with the brand and cigar names flanking the ends, and the macabre pumpkin in the middle. It is said to feel weightless in the hand, yet a solid construction is easily detected. This cigar is comprised of a deep brown Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, and a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The pre-lit aroma is a well balanced blend of sweetness, spice, and natural terrain.

Once lit, the flavors begin to emerge immediately. The first third introduces a blend of spicy pepper and hay, with a subtle, sweet chocolate java undertone. Hints of wild flowers and rawhide are detected in the background as the burn progresses. Reviewers agreed the stick is medium in the beginning, and the draw is cool and balanced. A large volume of smoke is flowing while the burn is said to be level thus far. A dark grey ash stands firm at the tip.

Moving into the second third, the flavoring is said to see a significant boost. The pepper and rawhide remain at this point, yet the sweet mocha flavoring has strengthened. A woodsy note is detected by smokers at times as well. The stogie continues to give off what is described as an abundance of smoke, and the ash continues to stand strong. The even burn line is maintained while the strength is said to continue at a medium level.

During the final third of the Viaje Full Moon, a consistent balance of the existing flavors are said to carry on perfectly. The sweetness has subsided slightly, while an ideal blend of pepper, cream, and lumber are noticeable. Those lucky enough to experience this cigar agreed that the finale brought the flavors together for one final satisfying climax in the full bodied range before perfectly concluding. The last draw was cool, and the construction held strong to the very end. The consistent intensity and detailed flavors made a strong impression on the aficionados that shared their experiences. While the supply is limited, its popularity is on the rise, making reviewers wonder if Andre Farkas has a second installment planned in the coming year.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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