Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label CigarsThe Viaje Fifty Fifty Black label Cigar was designed in order for the smoker to smoke one cigar, but feel as if he was smoking two. Two different blends were combined in order to achieve this. In theory, it sounds good, but it might just be a little more difficult to actually achieve. So some smokers who have not yet tried it might want to know if they pulled it off. The Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label Cigars come in three choices for vitolas: the No. 1, which is a 5.58 by 56, the No. 2, which is a 6 by 50, and the No. 3 at 7 by 47. These particular smokes are made in their entirety from Nicaraguan tobaccos. The filler has two blends, two binders, and it features a wrapper that is Corojo ‘99.

Right from the beginning, one reviewer wanted to light it up. The wrapper is smooth, dark, and oily, and firm to the touch with just a slight give. This reviewer considered the construction to be of top quality. While yet unlit, a sweet taste and earthy aroma were noticed. After lighting, the easy draw produced a lot of smoke. The solid ash has a color change around the halfway point, where it can be visually observed that the blends have changed. The reviewer considered the Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label Cigar to be quite flavorful. Smoking the first third provides subtlety, starting sweet, and leading to coffee and chocolate, and introduces itself as a medium-bodied smoke. Some leather and earthiness enter during the second third, and just towards the end, there is a splash of pepper, which keeps going into that final third. This reviewer indicates having a good impression of the stogie being of two different blends.

Another reviewer indicated some difficulty he had to face in finding the Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label Cigars in person, but what better way to alleviate some of that difficulty than buy buying online?

Viaje is made by the Casa Fernandez people, and there is a red label as well as a black one for the product. The red one focuses on medium- to full- bodied smokes, but the black one seems to spend time on a full to fuller body transition. This reviewer mentions that the stogie’s wrapper was oily and had a pigtail cap. The beginning of the experience was noted as being sweet, displaying both chocolate and coffee notes. Once into the second half though, all the sweetness went away and the fullness was more apparent.

The Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label Cigars are definitely something to take a look into for a number of different smokers. People still trying to figure out their smoke’s body or flavor profile might like the two-in-one option which allows them to experience more flavor profiles in one stick. Other people will have their own different reasons to want to give it a try, but most who reviewed this brand seemed to agree that it is definitely worth trying. Checking with the local cigar shop or online will bring the best results when trying to find this amazing cigar. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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