Information About The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 Cigar The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 cigar is of the most popular Dominican sticks in Europe, which should be expected as Altadis has long been a major player across the pond. VegaFina is one of the company’s more interesting brands, as it has been around for a while. Although its history is not completely known, it’s believed to have been created during the early 20th century. Created by Havatampa, it remained in the manufacturer’s hands until the 90s, where it changed hands a couple times before landing at Altadis. Now, it is an extremely respected line of smokes, and its introduction to the Americas has been well received.

A delicious-looking Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper graces the Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 cigar. It offers an Indonesian TBN binder and fillers from Honduras, Colombia, and the Dominican. The wrapper is beautifully done and is the color of creamy coffee. It is almost perfectly smooth and has a bit of oil covering it. The band is blue and white and features a stamped “VF” along with a little floral and geometric ornamentation. It is available in a single vitola, a 5 x 52 Robusto, and the cold draw produces some natural tobacco, hay and tea notes. Some reviewers also detected dry fruit on the cold draw, raisins, in particular.

The first third of the Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 cigar begins with the mildest burst of black pepper, providing just enough edge to wake a smoker up. Before long, it is replaced by a combination of cream, wood and tea notes. The cream becomes sweeter with every draw and dominates the first inch of the profile. The wood and tea remain in the background, for the most part though the wood soon takes on a smoked flavor that helps it stand out a bit more.

During the middle third of the smoke, the flavors shift some, bringing in a number of herbal flavors that pair well with the tea notes. Some reviewers found that the herbs and tea merged together to create a powerful floral taste. The cream is less sweet at this point and takes a backseat to the herbs, tea, and wood.

In the final third of the Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 cigar, there is a surprising kick of black pepper that signals the home stretch. It doesn’t hang around for long, and it’s an interesting shift. The herbal tea flavor is still the strongest flavor of note, and the cream has faded to the point where it’s playing only a tertiary role. This is how the stick ends off, and the finish is mild and smooth.

It’s a mild smoke from start to finish, and it performs extremely well, which makes sense given the well-made wrapper. With its mild profile and gentle flavors, it is perfect for smokers of all types and makes a great early afternoon or morning stick.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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