Savinelli ELR Cigars The Savinelli ELR Cigars, or the Extremely Limited Reserve collection, are the first release for a company rooted in a deep family history of tobacco. From the late 1800’s to the present day, the men of the family have taken the initiative to create original products for the industry. Their hard work and determination was passed on from generation to generation, resulting in the continued success of the Savinelli ELR Cigars and their other subsequent line-ups.

The ingenuity throughout this lineage is said to have begun as early as 1876. Achille Sr. opened a store in the bustling city of Milan, Italy. At the time, it sold various smoking accessories and offered a central location where smoking enthusiasts could gather with others having the same interests. Despite pipes not being widely used at the time and viewed as an extreme change, Achille Sr. tried his hand at creating his own line of these smoking utensils. 1890 brought about change for the shop as his son, Charles, stepped into the leadership role. He continued to do so for over fifty years. The next generation of his family tree brought about Achilles Jr. in the early 1900’s. His interest was not in acquiring the store, but working behind the scenes in the building’s workshop, planning and creating his own unique pipes. After a five year hiatus to serve in World War II, he branched off on his own. While the store in Milan remains open today, Achilles Jr. would not only continue on with the family tradition, he planned to take it even further. He achieved that by starting a pipe factory in Varese, Italy. His pipes represented a high level of quality and craftsmanship, both of which continue to describe the company’s reputation today. The initial owner’s grandson, Giancarlo, currently runs the business. In 1994 he tapped into the cigar production side of the industry with their first smoke, the Savinelli ELR Cigars line-up.

This expansive collection of seven different sizes remains in production and has since influenced a number of other sticks for the brand. With so many options, there is sure to be a gauge for any smoking preference. It is available in a Churchill, Corona Extra, Lonsdale, Double Corona, Xtraordinaire, Robusto, and the Belicoso. The Connecticut wrapper is accompanied by a binder and filler of Dominican descent.

Prepared by the highly skilled producers at Arturo Fuente, Savinelli ELR Cigars have gotten rave reviews from those lucky enough to land one. Sporting a triple cap, it is said to feel solid in the hand. Upon effortlessly firing up, the draw produces a full burst of creamy smoke and the flavor is described as flawless. The first third is said to introduce a unique spiciness with subtle hints of vanilla, coffee, and rawhide. As the strength continues a slight note of dry grass is detected. The ash holds its form transitioning into the second third where the taste of fresh spice is said to strengthen. This is joined by trace amounts of lumber. Reviewers agreed that the spice remained all the way through. The final third was said to include a creamy flavor and a hint of nature. Rather mild in strength from the start, the intensity appropriately increased at times. Overall, smokers described their Savinelli ELR Cigars as solid and consistent in flavor, while the burn was smooth and uniform.

For Giancarlo’s first attempt at producing elite stogies, he succeeded in standing out. His ancestors created a foundation in the smoking world that only grew and improved from generation to generation. This line-up was just the beginning.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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