Where To Find Room 101 Master 1 Monstro Cigars For SaleThe Room 101 Master 1 is the newest addition for the self proclaimed "luxury lifestyle brand". From the inspiration behind the collection, to the diverse client base, founder Matt Booth has once again created a stylish cigar that is sure to stand the test of time. Its varied blend of premium tobaccos give off a medium to full bodied punch of flavor that has already made smokers wish this was not planned to be a onetime release.

While the brand itself was launched in 2003, its story began years earlier. During his stint in the United States Marines, Booth found himself deployed to the Far East and amongst a culture that truly impacted his life. The Asian culture along with his nightlife on the Sunset Strip became the driving force behind his desire to create custom jewelry, followed by his own cigar line-up. Typically found in choice boutiques, the brand has continued to grow in both the foreign and domestic markets ever since.

Officially introduced at the 2013 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, the Room 101 Master 1 is the first installment of two cigars making up this particular collection. Planned as a limited edition smoke, a total of 100,000 sticks will be distributed. A set production volume has been determined for each of its five ring sizes.

The contents and construction of this cigar are impressive to those lucky enough to get their hands on one. Produced at the Agroindustrias Laepe factory in Honduras, it is made up of a Mexican San Andres Rosado wrapper, Honduran Corojo Corte binder, and a mixed filler of Nicaraguan Habano Ligero, Honduran Corojo, and Mexican San Andres Rosado tobaccos. It is available in the Monstro, Sucio, Mutante, Roxxo, and Papi Chulo gauges.

The initial inspection of this stogie was remarkable to numerous reviewers. The exterior was described as a rich dark brown with minimal veining and little to no oil. A cherry blossom decorates the band to symbolize the many seasons of a person's life. The stick is said to feel sleek and solid in the hand. Pre-lit, the scent is of freshly cut wood, rawhide, and sweet syrup. A flowery aroma was detected as well.

Easily ignited, the first third is said to be dominated by a rich chocolate flavor with leather and floral notes coming through. A hint of lumber and citrus are identified at times. The draw is cool and the burn is even at this point, while a good amount of dark grey ash is said to be holding strong. The second third continues to give off the same blend of flavors, yet the floral and citrus are detected in the foreground with a bit more strength. The chocolate is said to have eased to create an ideal balance of flavors. The body is in the medium to full range, and the burn is described as perfect thus far. The draw remains cool and an abundance of smoke continues to emerge. The last third of the Room 101 Master 1 cigar is consistent with the existing flavors, while fresh mocha, coffee, and tropical notes are said to join the blend. The taste of flowers and citrus fruit are most noticeable approaching the end. Reviewers described the overall strength to be in the medium range, and they noted that the burn was ideal as the thick smoke tapered off.

For a brand that strives to treat aficionados like rock stars, they have created another unique flavor experience that solidifies their position in the industry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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