The Room 101 Big Payback Cigar Review and InformationIn response to the devotion and support received over the years, Matt Booth developed the Room 101 Big Payback to show his gratitude. Once solely dedicated to luxury level custom jewelry, in recent years the company began to evolve to include leather jackets, knives, and premium cigars.  In 2009, Booth teamed up with the master producers of Davidoff to create a well-crafted and dependable boutique line-up of smokes at a very reasonable price. His main goal was to give back to those that have helped the brand achieve the high levels of success they have been lucky enough to obtain. 

The Room 101 Big Payback is a medium to full-bodied smoke available in three distinct sizes; 5 x 50 Chavala, 6 x 60 Hueso, and the hefty Culero that measures 7 x 70. From the wrapper through to the filler is constructed of what Matt Booth describes as the "most exquisite Nicaraguan Tobaccos." 

Right out of the humidor this cigar is commended for its handsome appearance. The outer skin is described as a dark brown color with an abundance of bumpy, magnesium spots due to the soil make-up out of Nicaragua. A detection of a small amount of thin veining is visible yet does not take away from the sleek look. Two bands of silver and black perfectly accessorize the stick. Continuing with the pre-lit examination the foot gives off an unexpected aroma of sugar and citrus. Reviewers agree that the cold draw leaves a bit of nature and spearmint on the taste buds.

Once effortlessly ignited, there is an immediate detection of a blend of spices. Their ideal intensity soon accompanies a forest-like undertone and subtle hints of espresso. The burn is smooth from the start, and the ash held strong through the first-third of the smoke. The second-third is said to bring the espresso flavoring to the forefront with a touch of rawhide. The initial spiciness is elevated once again with an unusually strong burst on the retrohale.  The final third of the Room 101 Big Payback is similar to the grand finale of a firework display. The strength is said to become full and strong in the end with the fresh rawhide leading the flavor pack. The slight hints of lumber come back while traces of sugar and fruit are noticeable. The burn is stated as smooth to the finish, and the draw is said to be just right. The stick produced a medium volume of smooth and fragrant smoke. 

The high-quality tobaccos and this cigars construction along with its delicious blend of flavors make this smoke one to be enjoyed by just about any cigar enthusiast. The affordable price tag placed on it out of gratitude is a bonus. Those who are lucky enough to have one of these sticks agree that Matt Booth has created a cigar that is an accurate reflection of the luxury brand that once focused solely on jewelry.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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