The Romeo y Juliet 1875 Cigar Is An Exotic New Offering from Altadis USAThe Romeo y Juliet 1875 cigar is among the newest offerings from Altadis USA, even though the name may confuse people at first. The date refers to when the Cuban marca was established, a date that aficionados may not be aware of. Smokers may also be confused by how Altadis is going back to including the date in the name, something they stopped doing with their last couple releases in the line. Regardless, Altadis is going back to the well and aficionados will be glad they did, as this one is a winner.

The Romeo y Juliet 1875 cigar places an Indonesian Shade wrapper front and center and is finished with a number of Dominican tobaccos. The wrapper’s appearance may not signal Indonesia right away though its milk chocolate brown color has a number of dark spots. It is webbed with a pattern of small veins and has a touch of oil coating it, so it is mostly smooth. The stick is double banded, the primary band taking on the classic marca look and shape. It’s red, white and gold and features the name of the blend in clear, clean type. The secondary band is red and gold and displays “1875” in large stamped gold. The stick is available in five sizes, including Bully (5 x 50), Dos (5 1/2 x 44), Tres (6 x 50), Gordo (6 x 60) and Churchill (7 x 50). It’s the cold draw that gives away the wrapper’s Indonesian origin, as it produces a number of chili and sweet cereal flavors that are not found anywhere else.

The initial third of the stick doesn’t launch with the standard black pepper flavor that most Nicaraguan and Dominican sticks begin with. Instead, it produces a range of pepper notes, paired with a sweet and spicy undercurrent that Indonesian stogies offer. However, black pepper does show up before long and pushes the exotic pepper flavors out of the way. The sweet spice and black pepper are both strong enough to play primary roles.

During the middle third of the Romeo y Juliet 1875 cigar, the pepper and sweet spice blend a bit and become much more intense. Some reviewers compared the taste to Sriracha. A subtle wood note is also present as well and gives the pepper and spice an additional dimension. 

In the final third of the smoke, the intensity of the profile climbs even higher. The pepper is still a primary note, but it isn’t steering the profile like it was before. Instead, the stick returns to the sweet spice flavor, and it grows in complexity. This is the path the stogie takes down to the nub, ending off with a bit of a kick.

At the beginning of the stogie, aficionados may be lulled into thinking that the stick is fairly mild. This impression will change as the profile opens up and reaches medium full. It’s not overbearing, though, and creates a number of deep flavors that will intrigue smokers who enjoy more exotic notes in their smokes.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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