Find RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI Ambition Cigar ReviewsThe RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigar is one of the three blends offered by this popular and extremely talented company. Michael Rosales and Skip Martin are the people behind the brand, and are always looking for ways to stand out in the industry. With this stick, they have managed to capture attention with the exposed binder and filler, minimalistic appearance, and excellent flavors. The name is also an eye-catcher, and refers to the tobacco industry’s need to push back against the wave of anti-tobacco messages in the mainstream.

This stogie comes with a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper that terminates just before the foot. Rosales and Martin stated the reason for this was twofold. For one, the wrapper is sensitive to humidity and shrinks in its presence. They determined the best way to deal with this was to let the wrapper age after rolling. Martin and Rosales also want aficionados to enjoy the Indonesian binder, and the Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic fillers unadulterated by the wrapper for a small portion of the stick.

The RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigar is available in four vitolas, including The Intrigue (4 x 46), The Avarice (4 1/2 x 52), The Envy (5 x 50), and The Ambition (5 1/2 x 54). The Brazilian Arapiraca is chocolate brown in appearance and is rustic looking. It has some veining and seams are present, but this is by design. It comes without a band, and has no identifying marks on it. The exposed binder and fillers are the starkest identifiers of the stogie. The pre-light draw produces cocoa, pepper, and coffee notes.

The first third of the RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigar starts off with a strong blast of pepper. The pepper is quickly joined by some unsweetened chocolate notes that play off of the pepper. Before these have a chance to settle in, additional flavors emerge. These include some oak and sweet notes that blend with the pepper and chocolate. Reviewers found that the first third did not really have a dominant flavor, and instead was a balanced fabric of many tastes.

During the second third, smokers noted a coffee flavor appearing and become the dominant note in the profile
. The oak flavor joins in the foreground soon after. The black pepper moves to the background, and is accompanied by a chicory flavor that manages to avoid bitterness.

In the final third of the RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigar, the black pepper flavor again becomes dominant, and pushes the coffee notes out of the way. The oak flavor disappears shortly before the nub, and the chicory remains in the background in a supporting role. The stogie finishes off with some spiciness that is not harsh or overwhelming.

The RoMa Craft Intemperance BA XXI cigar is a medium to full bodied stick that starts out at medium strength
. By the final third, most aficionados agreed that it crossed in to full territory. The burn and draw are both perfect. Reviewers found nothing to complain about in terms of performance.

Rosales and Martin spent many years perfecting their blending and technique
. That dedication and passion shines through in this rustic, unique stogie.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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