Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano                         Binder: Nicaraguan and Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Costa Rican      Strength: Medium to Full bodied

Sizes: Short Robusto 4.5x54, Toro 5x52, Torpedo 6.25x52

Rocky Patel Thunder CigarsRocky Patel Thunder is a line of cigars produced by Minish Desal that debuted in the summer of 2011. Rocky's cousin composed this Central American creation he aptly named the Rocky Patel Thunder. One of the most favored releases by this brand in the last few years, this cigar packs a punch that is enjoyed by aficionados who like a nice, strong flavor.

The first impression of the cigar gives a hint of woodiness in a band that is primarily green and gold in color and masculine in design. The letters of the name Thunder are designed to help visualize the sound of that incredible, awe-inspiring noise that is found in nature. It is the strength of the aerial vibration that is emphasized here and reportedly resounds when one experiences the flavor palate it houses.

Constructed with a dark brown Ecuadoran wrapper, the feel of leather is evident while the cigar awaits light-up in the hand. A unique blend of a dual binder holds the inner fillers that hail from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The Rocky Patel Thunder is a firmly packed triple-capped creation. The presentation of the foot reveals the superior construction of this celebrated arrival on the market.

The Rocky Patel Thunder has obtained a reputation of having a strong, deep, and complex flavor palate. Pepper is reported to dominate the first third of the smoking experience. It provides a noticeable, forceful presence immediately when the flame touches the foot of the masterfully blended cigar. The powerful flavor display continues as rich espresso notes become more evident at the advent of the second third. As this section begins, many have noted a change in the type of peppery taste that is experienced. Here they mention a more white pepper flavor that takes over and is still robust, but not as sharp in its impact on the senses. Throughout the smoke, a slight hint of sweetness has been remarked upon by some. They tend to attribute it to a berry or cocoa note. The ending is characterized by a slightly heightened awareness of this sweet note that some have described as lingering.

Many have commented on the enjoyable draw that compliments the complex flavor palate and helps rate this as one of the top cigars of the year. The moderately timed burn needs a few touch-ups along the way, but the flavor more than compensates for this minor requirement. Its superior leaf quality is evident in the thick smoke that gives off an earthy aroma. A fairly even line is generally produced with a good, solid ash that holds on for a significant amount of time. The color of the ash varies from dark gray to a white peppering of color. All these attributes help this product attain a widely acknowledged good rating.

The name prepares the connoisseur of the Rocky Patel Thunder for an explosive experience. Strong and spicy flavors penetrate the senses throughout the smoke while a hint of sweetness hovers in the background. This original creation is an excellent addition to this brand.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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