Puros Indios 2012 CigarsThe Puros Indios 2012 cigar line is blended using some very special tobacco. While there was not enough tobacco to make a new and full line, the company president, Carlos Diez, decided that this would be the perfect cigar to offer to the best and most loyal aficionados. Diez made a limited edition smoke from this exceptional batch of tobacco leaves from Nicaragua. The thought of something being in such limited quantities and availability had all of the reviewers craving the opportunity to taste this newest offering of 2011.

One reviewer said that just as soon as he opened the box, the Puros Indios 2012 cigars were appealing and that they definitely had the appearance of a quality tobacco product. The body of the smoke was noted to be extremely oily and displayed a very dark mystique upon viewing. The cap was set firmly in place and had been finely attached. The body of the stick was packed well, but not so tightly that there would be draw issues.

In the draw before lighting, reviewers said that the Puros Indios 2012 cigar gave notes of earthiness such as a leathery flavor and the taste of sweetened hay. There was also an organic peppery flavoring that balanced it out. Upon lighting it, there was a wonderful taste of sweet cocoa that was said to be paired with a buttery note and toasted nut goodness. At the end of the first third, cedar and pepper came into play but did not overpower the other still present flavor notes. Many who tried this smoke said that the second third offered more of the same. Here is where they all noticed that the sweet tobacco taste was coming through more and more. Added to the flavorful explosion was a hint of nuttiness, much like the taste of a walnut, combined with a hint of brown sugar that had been caramelized. At the beginning of the last third, there was a wonderful citrusy hint of orange peel as well as a thick, sweet taste of maple syrup. At the very end, they all agreed that the taste shifted back to the sweet tobacco flavoring.

The Puros Indios 2012 cigars are defined as being medium-bodied and that they were consistent throughout. They were found to be completely smooth and silky and delightfully pleasing to the palate. Reviewers summed it up by saying that the end of the smoke gave the smoker a solid tobacco taste sensation.

The company, which bears the same name as this smoke, definitely outdid themselves with this limited line. The Puros Indios 2012 cigar is a crowd pleaser and many people wish they could have more of them to fill their humidors. With the ample amount of smoke that was produced, the firmness of the body that still allowed a quite effortless draw, and a flavor presentation that is unrivaled by any other, it is easy to see why the reviewers were all so positive about this fine tobacco treat. Pleasurable from the pre-lit draw all the way to the nub, this is a stick that any aficionado should be happy to enjoy.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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