La Aurora Preferidos CigarA low nicotine stogie rolled in a Preferidos vitola that is similar to the nubs smoked in 1903, is the La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador cigars. This format is uncommon today, but back in 1903, it was the style that was regularly smoked. The wrapper is of sun grown Sumatra, rolled longer and skinnier than the average stick. The lower amount of tobacco filler grants a lower harshness and a smoother draw through every pull. The tobacco leaves are aged in oak barrels for years before they are used to create the La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador cigars.

The first third of the La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador cigars possesses a thick and creamy smoke with flavors of wood, espresso, and heated pepper. As the smoker continues to puff, and the second third begins, reviewers stated that the heat becomes stronger. The final finish was said to be less intense, as the spice dials down and the woody coffee flavors continued.

As any smoker knows, the first way to tell a good stogie is by the feel. If it is too soft, it will not draw properly or smoke evenly. The wrapper must not have any lumps or imperfections, as that would affect the flavorings and the burn line of the stogie. If the consistency is even and level from head to foot, the smoke will maintain its ash very well. The draw will also have a pleasant amount of smoke.

The wrappers are aged in barrels of oak for several years. The wrappers are made with Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco and aged for another year before being sold to the public. The La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador cigars are wrapped this way to produce the rich flavors that allow them to converge in mixes of the tastes and form a more enjoyable smoke. Many people have found that this brand of cigar is done very well, and is extremely flavorful. The reviewers say that the taste of tobacco is pleasant and not too strong.

One of the best ways to tell if a new offering will be a good choice is finding out a bit about the brand’s reputation in the industry. If the company is known for evenly filled and tasty cigars, then people are more likely to trust their newer products that may be rolled in a different way. Once a particular brand is determined to be a favorite for the aficionado, they will likely be eager to try anything else that bears the brands logo. This particular brand is extremely popular among many smokers who prefer to enjoy a regular, daily stick. This product is affordable to do just that, and well worth the money according to those that have tried it.

The La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador cigars are known for their flavor changes and lack of imperfections in their wrappers. Aged in barrels, the company fills the stogies with a smaller amount of tobacco to ensure a sweeter and softer draw on the first puff. The flavors change intermittently, with each third’s finish. As the connoisseur enjoys their relaxing smoke, they will be pleased with the taste of wood, spices, and espresso, each getting their chance in the spotlight as the cigar continues to shorten.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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