The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage Cigar Reviews & InformationThe Perdomo Double Aged Vintage was one of the most anticipated cigars at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and also one of the hardest to sample. In total, there will be 7,500 boxes released, broken up into three smaller releases. This storied tobacco producer always grabs headlines when it produces a new blend, but this one is even more special than usual. That’s because the plants used in the blend have been aged for 12 years using the company’s exclusive approach, one that includes two years in white oak barrels. The process, according to the brand, helps the tobacco deliver better flavor, texture, aroma and color. 

The first release, launched in July 2014, comes with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The second release, launched in September 2014, is wrapped with a Nicaraguan Sun Grown. The final release, scheduled for November 2014, has a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. All three have Condega seco leaves, Jalapa viso leaves and Esteli ligero leaves. The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage is available in four formats, including a 5 x 56 Robusto, 6 x 56 Epicure, 6 1/2 x 60 Gordo Extra and 7 x 56 Churchill. The color varies with the wrapper, but all three are smooth and made with minimal veins and precise seams. The band pops out because it looks like a rare triple band. It features the company icon amid a gold leaf background, the word “VINTAGE” in gold on a red and black and gold band that displays the blend type. The pre-light cold draw creates some electable molasses and fruit notes, with a touch of spice.

The initial third of the cigar uses a flavor combination that isn’t common among stogies. It begins with the same spice detected on the cold draw, and reviewers agreed that it was Nicaraguan in origin. The molasses is also present, injecting a little sweetness into the profile, and balances a nutty flavor that appears about an inch in. Near the end of the first-third, a buttery taste gives the smoke a lot more depth, and a few aficionados even identified some bourbon notes as well.

In the middle third of the Perdomo Double Aged Vintage, the molasses flavor is still present, though the nuts fadeaway. A bit of caramel and sweet corn also appear, producing a desert-like profile. The bourbon is still around in this part of the stick as well and is developed more, tasting similar to high-quality bourbons.

During the last third of the stogie, the spice redoubles and becomes fairly intense. It blends well with the sweet molasses and a new maple flavor that is just as sweet. The spicy and sweet combo is a nice way to keep the cigar interesting until the end and leaves the smoker with some interesting flavors on the palate. 

This blend remains a comfortable medium throughout, and there are no burn or draw issues to be worried about. It’s just another extremely well thought out blend by a brand that knows what it is doing.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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