Perdomo 20th Anniversary CigarThe Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar has burst onto the scene, bringing the signature flavors and accentuations the brand is renowned for. Sporting a Cuban-style seed wrapper, this item comes with a special sunburst logo, touting the year of celebration among the classic insignias. When it comes to the wrapping itself, it is the darker of browns, with a moderate amount of veins and a healthy amount of oils. It has a somewhat convex press, making it feel great to hold in the hand. The flavor profile of the wrapper contains notes of rich cocoa, almost coffee-like, with a bit of a hay-like spice. The bottom, or foot, is complementary in that regard, as it totes the same blend of cocoa, hay, and a touch of light spice.

Critics agree that the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar allows itself a very easy draw for most people. While conceding that it may be a bit loose, the body has been described as very full, rich and cool with smooth smoke. The first third of this particular creation has the flavor of coffee and cocoa with some moderate spices. Not to be overlooked, a flavor that also permeates the first of the thirds is that of a mild pepper that seems to waver around the flavor profile in this area. When it comes to the burn, reviewers stated that is razor sharp, with the ashes firmly holding on to around an inch.

The second third of the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar continues the previous flavor profile but develops further on it. The draw is noted as being nice and even, with the same blends of chocolate, coffee and an airy spice enveloping the flavor profile. It’s the blend of these flavors that create a much sweeter taste than before, making it that much more enjoyable. With the terrific draw, the body provides that creamy, rich delicious smoke aficionados love. The strength of which is in the medium to full range, which seems to fit quite well into the progression of the flavor profile.

It’s the final third of the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar where the spice finally fades out of the flavor profile, though the indulgent tones still meander throughout the rest of the burn. A more earthy, but light note has come to fruition during this part of the body and rounds out the flavor, blending with the cocoa, hay and coffee notes from before. As such, the smoke remains very creamy, smooth and cool at this point. Also remaining is the strength, teetering in the medium to full range with all of the construction elements maintaining its integrity. The smoke ultimately cools the nub, bringing out a final gusto of rich flavors that have gone throughout the burn.

With a rich blend of balanced flavors, a terrific aroma, great profile and terrific construction, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Cigar continues the Perdomo legacy proudly. Worthy of a box, this particular stick needn’t any attention for the draw, burn or ash. Full flavored and full bodied, it remains an excellent continuation of Nicaraguan products that never cease to compete at the utmost level. It’s a unanimous decision from critics and consumers alike that this beauty will sustain the legacy of this brand and its terrific flavor profiles.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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