Cigar: Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series

Filler: Dominican                                     Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican                                   Strength: Medium Body

Paul Garmirian Gourmet SeriesThe Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series were the very first cigars released by Paul Garmirian. They are made in Santiago, Dominican Republic with an Ecuadorian grown Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican filler and binder. All of which are allowed to age for years before they are even rolled. Then allowed to age once again in the boxes before they are sold. Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series comes in 21 different sizes. From the Joyitas 4 ½ inch x 26 ring gauge to the Celebration 9 inch x 50 ring gauge.

Paul Garmirian has always had a love for cigars. After graduating in 1975 with a PhD cum laude in International Politics, he lectured on such topics as politics and international marketing. But, in the early 1980's he took a nine-year journey to learn more about his passion, cigars. From those travels he turned his journal writings into a best selling book, Gourmet Guide to Cigars, in 1990. It was such a popular release that it has been reprinted nine times since the original release. With that release, he was afforded the opportunity to work with Hendrik Kelner, President of Tobacos Dominicanos in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He worked with Mr Kelner and his chief blender, Eladio Diaz to create his cigar line. The initial release of the Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series was in 1990. The official nationwide release of Paul Garmirian cigars was in Chicago on May 1,1991.

The feel of the Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series is solid, with no soft spots, something you come to expect when you hold a Paul Garmirian cigar in your hands. It has a slight oily feel to it, but there are very little veins and no visual flaws. The wrapper is a medium mocha color and bound by the traditional red, white and gold Paul Garmirian label. The first-third produces a lot of creamy white smoke. The initial flavor is a cedar woody flavor. There are hints of nutmeg, leather and the ever-slightest hint of a floral note. The burn during this time is straight, and the ash is solid and white in color. In the second-third, the flavors remained consistent with an added note of saltiness. This only enhanced the combining flavors in making this a memorable smoke. During the final third, more of an earthy sweetness flavor moves in and replaces the saltiness. It is a smooth finish to the end. The burn remained straight and did not need any correction throughout the entire smoke. The ash remained tight as well and it produced voluminous clouds of white smoke.

The Paul Garmirian Gourmet Series can be enjoyed by anyone. The flavors are just complex enough to keep an aficionado guessing what will come next, but not so overpowering that it would intimidate an inexperienced cigar smoker. This would be a great choice to smoke in the early morning, or after a good meal, paired with a cognac or a single malt scotch. Since the beginning of Paul Garmirian cigars, they have always maintained their integrity with the tobacco that they use, so you can always be assured you are enjoying the best of the best.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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