A Review Of The Ortega HeavyDuty Cigar & Buy Cigars OnlineThe Ortega HeavyDuty fills a notable gap in the company’s portfolio by providing a large ring gauge smoke. In recent years, the demand for large ring gauge cigars has increased steadily, even though it is among the many points of debate among aficionados. Regardless, most industry experts consider it an important component of a full stogie portfolio, and the company is taking its shot at it with this four country blend. It is also buoyed with help from Abe Flores and his PDR Factory, which will be the second time the brand has reached out to PDR to partner up on a release.

As mentioned, the Ortega HeavyDuty is made with tobaccos from four countries. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Habano, while the binder and fillers include plants from the Dominican, Pennsylvania, and Nicaragua. It comes in several sizes, three of which are made in a 60 ring gauge (a 5 x 60, 6 x 60 and 7 x 60), and three of which are rolled in a monstrous 70 ring gauge (a 5 x 70, 6 x 70 and 7 x 70). It is a dry looking medium brown stick that is mostly smooth, though there is a handful of small veins. It is a firmly packed smoke as well, and has significant heft. The black and gold band is slim and features the name of the blend in bold, thick type. As for the cold draw, it produces some sweet natural tobacco, nutty, and butter tones.

The first third of the Ortega HeavyDuty is said to bring out the same sweet natural tobacco and nutty flavors detected on the cold draw, though they are a bit more developed this time around. The nutty notes, in particular, receive a lot of attention and slowly develop into a flavor reminiscent of cashew. Together, this pair of flavors create a nice sweet and savory mix. Before long, some black pepper emerges and adds a little heat, but it’s relatively mild. Reviewers found that the black pepper moves to the retrohale quickly, though it is drowned out by an interesting herbal spice also apparent through the nose.

During the middle third of the stick, the nutty flavor increases in strength and becomes the clear dominant note in the profile
. It still maintains the cashew like taste and consistency, though by the halfway mark, it transitions back to a general nutty flavor. The natural tobacco is a secondary note at this point, while the pepper and herbs are still tertiary.

In the last third of the Ortega HeavyDuty, the black pepper regroups and surges to the front of the profile, pushing the nutty flavor back into a secondary role. The rest of the flavors are well into the background at this point, and it’s a two flavor show down stretch, though the cigar has no trouble maintaining its interesting profile.

According to aficionados, the Ortega HeavyDuty is a medium bodied stick, and with PDR’s help, it’s no surprise that it performs extremely well. It may look like the smoke should be stronger, but its accessible flavor profile means aficionados of all experience levels have a large ring gauge cigar they can turn to.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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