Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve Of 2012The recent ICPCR trade show launched the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 cigar. This is the second year of this blend’s production and promises to continue the near perfections offered in 2011. This stogie is a bolder sequel, truly embodying the name’s magnificent nature. Nestor Miranda was, “looking to add a new dimension,” to the line, and created 2012’s, “full bodied powerhouse.”

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 cigar is rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua. This year extra Nicaraguan Ligero tobacco was added to achieve the desired depth and richness to the flavor. The wrapper is a favored Connecticut Broadleaf. The binder and filler tobacco are a mixture of Nicaraguan tobacco from the country’s finest growing regions. The stogie is currently available in a 6 1/8x52 box press Torpedo.

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 cigar is a gorgeous soft cocoa bean color. This cigar features integral veins and seams, giving the stogie an esteemed air of wisdom complimented by the featured double bands. The first is close to the original, but features a more regal design as if to signal the prince becoming king. In the center is Nestor Miranda in gold script below an ornate blue diamond. The foundation is “GRAND RESERVE”, boldly printed in white. The second band is also bordered by gold pinstripes and filigree with a distinguishing white, “2012”, for the centerpiece.

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 cigar focuses on intensifying the quality of the innate flavors rather than flavor transitions. Even the pre-light draw offers flavor enhancements over the original. The cold-draw tastes of holiday-spiced chocolate and coffee. During the first third the spice changed to a black pepper profile before accompanying the chocolate taste. This kick was never harsh and soon faded to a complimentary role. This masterfully crafted blend keeps the sweet cocoa and coffee flavors uniquely separate instead of the usual, overdone mocha taste.

Large clouds of white smoke gave way to an underlying creamy profile by the second third. The spice gained new strength during this part of the burn. The chocolate took on a raw taste while the sweeter notes trailed the coffee profile. The black pepper shifts back to a mixed spices tone. Entering the final third the spice maintains a dominant role. This stogie creates the perfect delivery system for such a distinguished spice without presenting an unpleasant kick. The creamy background notes allow the aficionado to taste the platter of spices but provide instant cooling. The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 cigar has captured the essence of a volcano erupting underwater.

The construction of this stogie remained soft without crumpling while burning. Many torpedo vitolas cause aficionados some draw difficulties, but not this one. The Grand Reserve’s ring gauge delivers a powerful smoke while still allowing the vitola to breathe, avoiding these issues. The burn line remained exact behind a uniform body of white ash. The flavors were straightforward, but held enough complexities for a truly rewarding full-bodied smoke. Easily the top torpedo in production, this is the crowning jewel of the company. The strength of this cigar truly gives itself to the tastes of long time aficionados, or those looking for their first full-bodied smoking experience and desire the ideal starting point.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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