The Nestor Miranda Connecticut Collection Of Cigars ReviewedThe Nestor Miranda Connecticut collection of cigars marks a major milestone of the company, as it coincides with the brand’s 25th anniversary. It also coincides with the elder Miranda’s decision to take on a lesser role in the company he helped found. It makes for a bittersweet moment, as the tobacco maven is one of the industry’s most respected figures. However, the blend itself isn’t bitter, it is plenty sweet. The stick’s rebranded look is also a marked improvement over the old design and makes it a nice visual centerpiece in any humidor

The stick has an Ecuadorian Connecticut, bound with Nicaraguan leaves and filled with plants from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican. It comes in four sizes, including Robusto (4 1/2 x 50), Toro (5 1/2 x 54), Corona (6 x 46) and Gordo (6 x 60). It is an impressive looking stick, with few visible veins and well hidden seams. This fine texture gives the stick a feel of velvet, though the caramel color is a surprising look for the wrapper. In all, an aficionado can tell it’s a precisely rolled stick at first sight. The band also makes a visual punch, featuring an interlocked “N” and “M” in silver and blue Art Deco style type. It is on a black background, which helps pop the band off the stick. The cold draw also portends well, providing a mix of black cherry sweetness and some interesting notes of butter. 

The first third of the Nestor Miranda Connecticut cigars starts with black pepper, but it’s not as punchy as aficionados have come to expect from a Pepin stick. The other flavors include some sweetness, though not cherry sweetness, nutmeg, and the same butter notes detected on the cold draw. The butter and sweetness are the dominant notes, with the spice and pepper shifting into the background. One reviewer found the butter so rich that it reminded him of buttered breakfast toast.

During the middle third, the nutmeg flavor is worked on, developing into something that pairs well with the butter notes. The sweetness shifts into a secondary role and changes pitch, becoming something more akin to a sugary sweetness. Some aficionados also detected some coffee notes, though they remain in a secondary role. 

In the final third of the Nestor Miranda Connecticut cigars, the profile is still heavy with spice and sweetness. The sweetness moves from sugar to black cherry before long and moves into a dominant position. The nutmeg moves into a secondary position while the butter fades out completely. However, a nutty flavor jumps in and provides a nice finishing flourish to the stick. 

Pepin smokes are well-known for their excellent construction, and this one is no different. It smokes well down to the nub and provides a nice mild-medium body. Overall, it’s the perfect way to send Nestor off into the sunset.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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