Want to know what makes the Nat Sherman Epocha cigar a solid smoke? Is it because it was the first cigar brand owned by Nat back in 1929? Maybe it is because the Epocha is a blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos. Any cigar blended from this storied family is always sure to be a crowd pleaser. Their cigars are usually on the sweeter side with a touch of old school Havana that keeps you guessing and keeps you hooked. 

Nat Sherman knew he had a winner with the Epocha. This particular line was their foray into the cigar business, providing them a foot in the door. While running his speakeasy, he initially acquired the line from Traub Brothers and Bear as a settlement for a gambling debt. The acquisition gave the nightclub owner a taste for cigar manufacturing that led to the company that is internationally renowned today. 

So, how does it smoke?  How many ways can you say epically? It is that good. The family works extremely hard to provide an excellent cigar. Aficionados recognize their lines for the sugary sweet smokes, yet novices equally love them.  The line comes in six different vitolas from the thinner Breva to the hulking Senator. Though the wrapper is caramel-colored Ecuadorian, the binder and filler hail from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The box itself features replicated boxes with the original 1929 art printed on them. Some aficionados stated the cigar is rolled tight with lots of veins and an expertly executed triple cap. The wrapper feels smooth and satiny with a slight oily sheen to it. It is sturdy without any soft spots. 

Like other Nat Sherman lines, the Epocha is on the sweeter side with hints of cocoa, spice, coffee, creaminess, and gingerbread. The first-third is a mouthful of buttery shortbread cookie and caramel. The stogie itself is medium-bodied with a nice resistance to the draw. The second-third transforms into a more masculine cigar with notes of leather and woody cedar. A couple of reviewers remarked how it reminded them of fabled old Cubans with their earthy, virile notes. The final third reverts back to the sugary spice with a flavor explosion of cocoa, ginger, vanilla, and cheesecake. The cigar burns like a well-oiled machine – evenly and without touch-ups. 

You want to know why you should smoke this particular cigar? It is because Nat Sherman was a master blender and knew how to make a fine cigar. Though the family patriarch passed away in 1989, his family continues the tradition of creating uniquely blended cigars that provide a smoking experience that harkens back to the old days of Cuban cigars and the Roaring Twenties.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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