The Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary Cigars ReviewThe Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary cigars are being released to commemorate a major milestone for the business, and it’s getting help from My Father Cigars to make it happen. The legendary stogie maker is stepping in to help with production of the stick, and the results are incredible. It’s been a long road for Nestor and Mariana Miranda to get to where they are today. From selling sticks out of the back of their car to heading one of the most successful tobacco brands of all time. This blend is a clear example of why they have managed to claw their way to the top.

The Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary cigars have a San Andreas Mexican wrapper and a binder and fillers from Nicaragua. It has a gray-brown color to it, with a couple large visible veins and well hidden seams. The stick is double banded, with the silver and black primary band featuring a single tobacco leaf and a lot of simple ornamentation, along with dates celebrating the manufacturer’s run. The secondary band features the name of the band in bold silver type. The stick is only available in a single vitola, a 5 1/2 x 54. The prelight draw produces a mix of earth, chocolate and sweet cedar spice, though all of the flavors are present with subtlety.

The initial third of the Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary cigars launches with a surge of black pepper that anyone familiar with the brands' blends will recognize right away. Once the black pepper dies down a bit, some of the earth and chocolate flavors began to take shape, along with the sweet cedar detected on the prelight. Overall, the earth and chocolate notes are the strongest in this part of the stick, though the cedar stands out on the retrohale.

During the second third of the Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary cigars, the profile is largely similar to the first third, with the earth, chocolate and cedar jockeying for position. Around the halfway mark, the chocolate flavor takes a step back and exchanges position with the cedar, which begins to assert itself more profoundly.

In the final third of the Miami Cigar Company 25th Anniversary cigars, it’s the cedar and chocolate flavors that take on a dominant one-two punch. The earth flavor shifts to the retrohale slowly and joins the black pepper, though it is still apparent in the background as well. As the smoke nears the end, the chocolate flavors sweeten a bit, making it a rare stick that gets gentler as it approaches the finish. This pattern holds until the nub, and it ends smoothly. 

Reviewers found it to be a medium stick from start to finish, and because My Family produces it, top notch construction is expected. And it is present, with a burn and draw that both qualify as excellent. 

Few tobacco companies make it to their 25th year, and fewer still know how to celebrate it the right way. Fortunately, that’s not a problem for Miami Cigar Company, which lives up to its strong reputation with a brilliant blend.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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