The MBombay Mora Cigar Reviewed OnlineThe MBombay Mora is among the first releases put out by Mel Shah’s upstart boutique, and it follows the company’s formula of beautiful looks, blending and flavors. This one, though, is a little harder to find than the brand’s other releases, as it is only making two boxes available to each retailer every month. Shah has received praise among industry writers for going his own way when creating the cigar boutique. Most new owners rush their products to other accounts and source their construction among a handful of popular factories. Shah, however, first created his blends for sale in his shop and picked Tabacos de Costa Rica (also called Vegas Santiago S.A.) to manage the rolling. Both decisions suggest Shah is a particular aficionado himself and did his research before going big with his brand.

Like Shah’s other blends, the MBombay Mora is rolled with tobaccos from several countries, including a Dominican Havana Corojo wrapper, a Peruvian binder and fillers from the Dominican and Ecuador. It’s the color of dark coffee and though it has a few medium veins, what really stands out is its shagged foot. But that’s just the wrapper because the real standout mark is the cigar’s band, which is amazingly beautiful. Perhaps shrewdly, Shah has already built up a reputation in the industry with the staggering complexity of his sticks’ bands, which feature intricate designs. In the center of every band stands a lone peacock, fanning its feathers. The image is especially appropriate for this stick, as its name is derived from the Sanskrit word for peacock.

The stick is only available in a pair of vitolas, including a Toro (6 x 52) and a Lancero (7 x 38). The cold draw on the MBombay Mora involves some sweet notes, with floral, cream, butterscotch and some citrus acid standing out. The first third continues this sweet mix though the most defined flavors include banana, wood, earth and lemon. After an inch in or so, some reviewers detected a taste of charred meat on the finish, giving the profile some nice contrast. In the background, there are hints of peppermint and grass.

During the second third of the MBombay Mora, the profile tightens up a bit, dropping the lemon and peppermint though maintaining the sweetness and earth notes. A nutty flavor emerges a couple of inches into the stick and quickly takes on a peanut taste. One reviewer also detected something akin to Worcestershire sauce.

In the final third of the cigar, the lemon makes a comeback though it is combined with a peppery note to give it heat and an acidic bite. It is particularly noticeable through the nose, where it produces a slight tingle. This, along with the nutty flavor, dominates the profile down the stretch.

Though the draw is a little on the tighter side, the burn is sharp for a shagged foot, which says some good things about Vegas Santiago. It is an easy to handle smoke as well, staying between mild-medium and medium for the most part. What’s on show here (besides the beautiful band) is the memorable flavor mix.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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