The MBombay Classic is one of two releases that Mel Shah launched his company with back in 2014. Like a lot of boutique owners these days, Shah got his start in the industry as a retailer, a position he took on after retiring from an IT job. Experience in retail isn’t always a guarantee of success, but with more than 10 years in the industry, Shah has a strong idea of what aficionados want in their stogies. And this blend proves it. Shah also has strong insight into industry trends, as well, using Costa Rica as a base of operations for his cigars. Many industry experts believe Costa Rica is on a strong upward trend for cigar production, so Shah appears to be ahead of the curve.

The MBombay Classic is produced with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper from 2001 seed, a Dominican binder, and fillers from four countries. Namely, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras and the Dominican. It is a true multinational effort. The stick is a rich tan, almost orange in tint, and has a nice veneer of oil covering it. There are a number of small veins, but the seams are disguised well. The oversized wrapper is what will attract the most attention, as its red, pink and green surface is covered in an intricate pattern of Indian motifs. The smoke comes in five sizes, including Robusto (4 1/2 x 48), Corona (5 x 43), Belicoso (5 x 52), Perfecto (6 x 50) and Churchill (7 x 48). Reviewers noted several flavors on the cold draw, with cream, spice and wood standing out the most.

Once the cigar is lit up, the first third brings the same cream, wood and gentle spice notes detected on the cold draw. After the first handful of draws, it’s the wood flavor that wins out and becomes the dominant note. The spice is neck and neck with the wood, and is similar to black pepper. The cream note is strictly secondary at this point, but provides a nice sweet contrast to the rest of the profile.

During the middle third of the MBombay Classic, reviews state that the wood and spice flavors begin merging into a single note that gives the stick a little bite. The cream is still apparent as a secondary note, and shortly after the halfway point, a natural tobacco taste emerges and adds a touch more sweetness as well.

In the last third of the cigar, the cream pulls back into a tertiary role, though the natural tobacco flavor remains and continues to provide the sweetness. The wood and spice notes remain in the forefront, though, and this is how the smoke winds down.

It’s a mild medium cigar that performs as well as it tastes, which is to say it is an excellent all-arounder. And when a brand’s first release is this successful, it means the boutique is doing something right.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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