Macanudo Estate Reserve No. 1 Cigar Sale OnlineThe Macanudo Estate Reserve is General Cigar’s celebration of the brand’s 45th anniversary. While other brands have come and gone, and the industry is now awash with trendy blends, the Macanudo remains the top-selling brand in America. This smoke comes with the company’s traditional emphasis on construction and also features beautiful packaging. While General Cigar is not normally associated with the top-shelf premiums that can be found everywhere these days, this stogie certainly fits the bill.

A Connecticut Shade adorns the cigar, and the binder and fillers consist of Dominican tobaccos. The stick is golden brown, with a little oil present on the paper. It is finely made, with little veining and no visible seams. It is available in three formats, including No. I (7 x 50), No. II (6 x 52) and No. III (5 x 50). Each Macanudo Estate Reserve is placed in a separate wooden coffin and wrapped in gold foil. The band is an elegant cream and gold color and features the brand mark and name in bold and cursive lettering. The prelight draw evokes some leather, wood and grass notes that give the stick an earthy profile.

During the initial third of the cigar, the Connecticut wrapper really sets the tone with the flavors. Like most other Connecticut Shades, the profile is sweet and mild, with a combination of bread, graham cracker and cinnamon flavors dominating the first inch or so. After the initial inch, these flavors fade out and are replaced with another sweet twosome of cream and almond flavors. The finish is extremely smooth and complements the flavor profile perfectly.

In the second-third of the Macanudo Estate Reserve, the almond and cream flavors remain very sweet and strong. The almond nuttiness is especially noticeable and balances off of the sweet taste well. At around the halfway mark, some of the leather notes start coming through as well. Near the end of the second-third, some wood flavors also appear. Overall, this part of the stick is sweet and continues the smoothness from the initial third.

The last third of the cigar keeps the same level of nuttiness, though it’s not necessarily an almond nuttiness. Reviewers found it was more of a general nutty flavor, though it was still sweet. The cream is still present and is particularly noticeable on the finish, where it merges into the sweet, fragrant smoke. The wood and leather are strictly background flavors at this point, though they add a good amount of body to the experience.

This stick is medium bodied and medium in strength, so it is an ideal choice for smokers of all experience levels. Like most of the brand’s other sticks, this one is well built, with a strong burn and draw teaming up with the flavors to create a premium smoke. The company has stated that the tobaccos in this cigar have all been aged between eight and ten years, and this age is apparent. The flavors have merged together well and the complexity inherent in this Connecticut Shade is something that only age can create. In all, this smoke lives up to its premium moniker, giving every aficionado a reason to celebrate the company’s 45th anniversary.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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