The Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition Cigars ReviewThe Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars bring the brand back to where it all began. The line began in 1968 by the Fernando Palicio family, who were in Cuba at the time. When they left the country a few years later, they settled in Jamaica and were soon picked up by the Cullman family, which owned General Cigar Company at the time. As soon as the Cullman's acquired the brand, they made it the centerpiece of their portfolio and enjoyed a lot of success because of it. These days, Jamaican tobacco is harder to find, and the line hasn’t made use of it in more than 15 years. This year, though, halts the trend as Jamaican tobaccos find their way into this blend.

The Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars offer a Connecticut Shade wrapper, a binder from Mexico and the Jamaican filler as mentioned above, along with some other unrevealed fillers. The company states that the Jamaican plants were specifically harvested and aged for five years for the purposes of this blend. The wrapper is light tan, and though there is only a little oil covering its surface, it is smooth to the touch. The stick is finished with a pair of bands. The first is a silver and black band that features the name of the blend. The secondary band is nestled near the foot and is green, yellow and black, homage to Jamaica itself. And the nation also makes an appearance on the cold draw, with one reviewer noticing a flavor akin to jerk sauce, with its spice and heavy seasoning. 

The initial third of the Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars starts with a surprising amount of pepper, given the line’s reputation for milder sticks. The retrohale also carries the pepper, along with a chalky note. As the first third develops, dry wood, sweet and tangy flavors all come to the fore and though tough to nail down; they offer an interesting and uncommon mix of notes. 

In the middle third of the smoke, the dry wood takes a step back while the profile works on the chalk some more. It is clearly a featured flavor in the profile. The pepper is still lurking as well, delivering an occasional punch from the back of the palate.

The final third of the Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars ratchets the intensity back up, with strong wood and white pepper notes steering the profile. Some of the tanginess presents as well in the background and keeps the stick from being overbearing. The stick gets a little smoother near the end, but never completely lets up.

This smoke deviates from the rest of the line in composition and flavor profile, and is an excellent addition to the brand. Aficionados that like a little punch, and history, in their sticks, will walk way happy with this one.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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