Find Kristoff Woodlawn 685 Cigar ReviewsPresident Glen Case considers his company’s Kristoff Woodlawn 685 cigar to be a departure from the brand’s standard offerings. This is primarily due to the plants used in this blend, some of which have never been used by Case before. The name is derived from Case’s childhood, specifically from the Chicago home that he lived in until he turned 21. This blend wasn’t officially released at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show, but many stogies were offered to retailers that showed up to the Tobacconist Association of America meeting, held annually in the Dominican Republic. The retailers that did make an appearance found this stick to be worth the effort.

The wrapper on the Kristoff Woodlawn 685 cigar is from Brazil, Nicaraguan binder, and the fillers are from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Case also included some fillers that remain a mystery. The stogie is available in a single vitola, a 6 1/2 x 60. The stick is medium brown in appearance and has some veining that imparts a throwback look into the smoke. The band is black, red and gold, and features the company and cigar name prominently in gold lettering. Gold foil and powder add a touch of class to the band. Pre-light aromas consist of pepper, baking spice and some wood.

The first-third of the Kristoff Woodlawn 685 cigar evokes strong flavors right away, though reviewers had trouble describing them specifically. The primary flavor is a wood note that tastes like dry lumber. In the background, some black pepper and a little baking spice give the wood flavor some extra depth. The dry wood note remains the dominant taste throughout the first third, with the pepper and baker spice taking turns as the most noticeable second note.

During the second-third of the stick, aficionados took note of the large amount of smoke produced in this part. The dry lumber flavor develops some in the second-third, giving it a bit more complexity. The pepper grows in intensity and moves from the tip of the tongue to square on the palate. Also, some reviewers detected a couple of unusual flavors, specifically pizza dough and some butterscotch. The pizza dough is a steady tertiary note, while the sweet butterscotch appears near the end of the second third and comes in and out.

In the final third of the Kristoff Woodlawn 685 cigar, the black pepper takes control of the profile and delivers some punch
. The dry lumber flavor shifts to the background while the butterscotch and pizza dough drop out altogether. As it nears the end the pepper ramps up in intensity, which moves the stick close to full bodied territory.

Though it does come close to full body, the Kristoff Woodlawn 685 cigar is a medium bodied stogie for the most part
. It is medium in strength, making it a strong choice for enthusiasts that want to try something a little heavy. The burn and draw on this stogie are both well done, so it performs well. In all, this stick is proof that trying new things in the tobacco industry can pay huge dividends.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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