The Jericho Hill Cigar From Crowned Heads ReviewCrowned Heads’ Jericho Hill release is the company’s first offering since making several changes to its production specifics. Namely, the company has shifted its production from Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican to the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli. The move means different personnel, different methods and even access to different tobacco. It’s a major change for a company of any size, so there will likely be a transition period for Crowned Heads as it navigates its new landscape. This blend is the company’s first shot with My Father and is inspired by a Johnny Cash song.

The Jericho Hill is the color of coffee without the cream, as close to black as a cigar can get. Johnny Cash was the man in black, and this blend is the cigar in black. It is rolled with a Mexican San Andreas wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and a Nicaraguan filler. It is available in four vitolas, including OBS (4 3/4 x 52), .44S (5 1/8 x 44), Willy Lee (6 x 54) and LBV (6 1/2 x 46). With its extremely dark appearance, any veins and seams are nearly invisible though the wrapper does feel toothy and has a distinct sheen. The band is silver on black, with the emblem of a police badge and the name of the blend. The cold draw brings out leather, soil, and slightly sweet notes.

The first third of the Jericho Hill cigar hits with a powerful bite of wood and quickly transitions to a deep earth flavor. In the nose, the retrohale produces white pepper that tingles and the profile eventually settles into the classic San Andreas flavors. There’s a vibrant soil note, led by a soft clay flavor that finishes smoothly. Some reviewers also detected a citrus flavor that has a sweet taste to it, though it is a minor flavor at this point.

During the middle third of the cigar, the earth still reigns dominant, though it is backed by a strong leather flavor. Around the halfway point, there is a fragrant floral note that has a peppery edge, producing a pair of flavors not often put together. The pepper grows in intensity through the nose, and although the San Andreas flavor notes are still well defined and apparent, the sweetness has disappeared.

In the last third of the Jericho Hill cigar, the earth, clay and pepper still make up a large part of the profile
. However, there is a merger of other notes in the background, creating a stew-like flavor that is hearty and thick. Some reviewers compared it to beef stew, and it has a number of subtle layers.

The stick is on the strong side of medium, and its burn and draw are both sharp and on point. In all, with its unique flavors and construction, it’s a promising sign that the new partnership with My Family will pay off for the boutique.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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