Cigar Torch LighterCigar torch lighters were not always the lighter of choice, but nowadays they are an essential component for any serious smoker or collector. While pipe smokers may favor the typical type with a natural flame, the butane version found in cigar torch lighters come in single, double, and triple flame options, depending on your own preference.

Lighters themselves date back as early as 1816, when Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner invented a hydrogen fueled version. “Dobereiner’s Lamp”, as it was called, used a platinum catalyst rather than the flint used today. It did not catch on too well and many smokers continued to use matches to light up their cigarettes, cigars, or pipes until the flint versions gained in popularity in the early 1900’s. World War I was quite a boost for their use, but was still considered an extravagance for those that could afford to get their hands on one. During the 1930’s, George G. Blaisdell worked on the design and engineering of this smoking essential to improve its look, size and performance. In the end, the Zippo and many other similar competing models were born. They were not only more affordable, but much more widespread in the hands of those that used them. The mechanics of this wonder continued to evolve through the years, including the 1950’s advancement of igniting the flame using an electricity-induced spark, known as Piezoelectricity. Progress eventually led to cigar lighters, jet flames and those with more than one flame. Nowadays, not only are cigars more popular than ever, but the use of these lighters is quite commonplace among all types of smokers.

The butane type is available in the previously mentioned single, double and triple flames. The single flame style is adequate for the cigarette smoker because of the simplicity of lighting their preferred smokes. Its lower heat volume is plenty to ignite any cigarette thoroughly. Cigar and pipe smokers require a bit more heat, making the broader double or triple flame type of cigar torch lighter ideal for their needs. Both of these types allow for a quick, safe light on the first attempt. The wider flame ensures full coverage of either a rod or a pipe bowl. For those who prefer a pipe, a triple flame lighter eliminates the need to continuously tamp the tobacco because of an uneven burn. Additionally, the butane is odorless, keeping it from contributing any unwanted chemical flavor to the tobacco.

A torch is easy to use in both indoor and outdoor environments as their flames hold strong in windy conditions. Many are refillable, providing the opportunity to control the quality of the butane used. They are long lasting, efficient and quite durable despite their affordability. Their prices can vary from a basic no frills, single flame for a few dollars, to a more collectible version for prices ranging up to a hundred dollars or more. The price increases with a more unique exterior as well as any added features such as ignition sensors and punches that are built into it.

Many manufacturers of smoking accessories produce these tools due to their growing popularity. They have become essential to all types of smokers and a great asset to many collectors. Cigar torch lighters are not only available for purchase in cigar shops, but through online retailers as well.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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