The Dunhill 1907 Cigar Review and InformationThe Dunhill 1907 cigar is a reference to, perhaps, the most important year in the company’s history. It was 1907 when Alfred Dunhill established a humble tobacco store in London, and before long he was providing tobacco to many important people, including Winston Churchill. The stick hasn’t been out for long, but it has already garnered attention for its classy, clean appearance and its pleasant range of flavors. These days, it seems like every stick is commemorating something, but this is one of the few that does its subject matter justice.

Rolled with a Honduran Olancho wrapper, the Dunhill 1907 cigar has Dominican Olor binder and fillers grown in Brazil and the Dominican. The wrapper is a lighter brown though not as light as a Connecticut. There are only a couple small veins that are visible, and the seams are not completely visible, so the stick has a very smooth appearance. The band is vanilla and brown in color, and shows off the name of the blend along with a design that looks like a coat of arms. It comes in four vitolas, including Rothschild (4 1/2 x 48), Robusto (5 x 52), Toro (6 x 54) and Churchill (7 x 49). The cold draw evokes a mix of leather, spice, and sweet tobacco notes. 

The initial third of the stick is sweet and contains a mild chocolate flavor along with what a couple reviewers referred to as sweet dough. After about an inch in, some roasted cedar and creamy coffee flavors also emerge, along with a little spice and wood flavor. The cedar soon moves into the dominant position while the chocolate, coffee, and spice fill out the background with sweeter notes. 

During the middle third of the Dunhill 1907 cigar, the cedar gives way to the coffee flavor, which is still taking on a creamy taste and texture. The overall flavor, though, goes herbal, with hay, wood and herbs making up a large part of the profile. Some reviewers also tasted some sweet fruit flavors, specifically cherry. The coffee remains in the dominant position until about halfway through the smoke, which is when herbs and wood take control of the smoke 

In the final third of the Dunhill 1907 cigar, the chocolate flavor shifts from milk to bitter dark, and the cedar spice joins it in the forefront. Some reviewers also detected the presence of clove and a little green pepper. Leather, coffee, herbs, and nuts are all present during the home stretch as well, and they provide a vivid background for the chocolate and cedar to play off of. 

In all, it’s a mild-medium stick that offers a strong burn and draw along with its complex flavors. And though it pays homage to a year that was more than a century ago, it is a sharp, modern smoke that is worth an aficionado’s time.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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