La Tee Da Fragrance LampThe La Tee Da fragrance company sells fragrance lamps and oils that can help make your home smell beautiful. What more could you ask for than a home that smells as lovely as it looks? All you have to do is get one of these lamps and try it out and you too can have a beautifully smelling home without sprays or plug ins. You can choose from a large number of fragrances, and you can even get a dilute option, that helps tone down and mellow out the fragrances you have chosen to use. The history of the La Tee Da company is tied together with the history of the effusion lamp. Early in the 1800s, a German scientist named Justus Von Liebig and a French chemist named Charles Frederick Gerhardt developed the catalytic burner system which would eventually power the perfume lamps. In 1898, Maurice Berger, a French pharmacist, improved on the design and patented it, giving it his name, the Lampe Berger. Now of course, there are multiple companies selling their own versions of the fragrance lamps. These lamps were believed to have antibacterial capabilities, so that the claim was that they not only made the air smell better, they actually made it cleaner. They were used through the mid 1900’s in medical facilities to aid in the cleanliness of the locations. While initially the market focused on the commercial applications of the products, it wasn’t too long before somebody realized that they could expand their market by offering this product to the household market.

Now, the La Tee Da fragrance company can bring these products directly to you, the consumer, and you don’t even have to work at a hospital in order to use them. They tend to be more decorative now than in the past, and you can likely find one that coordinates with your existing decor. The company has many other things to offer as well. Once you’re familiar with the products, you may choose to give them for gift giving occasions. Who knows how many homes you can introduce to the La Tee Da lamps and oils, and how many people you can please with their other amazing products. If you’re happy with them, be sure to pass the word on to your friends and relatives, so that they all know where they can find these lamps and just how great they are. While you can always choose to use them to help eliminate air odor problems from tobacco smoke, they are of course just perfect for the non-smokers on your list as well. Check with your local cigar shop to see what selections they have to offer, and you can pick through their inventory to choose the one that’s just right for you.

The La Tee Da company history owes quite a lot to a few European men in the 1800’s who knew their business. Fortunately for the company, these men came up with just what was needed to ultimately create this market. Not only are they functional, they are beautiful and eye catching as well.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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