Some of the most beloved smokes are Dominican cigars. Every aficionado will explain that there is something truly wonderful about the tobacco that comes from this country. It has a flavor profile that far exceeds all others, and for this reason, these smokes are highly sought after by those who know and love the best smokes that are available. The tobacco grown in this area is said to be incredible. This is why many different brands proudly explain that this is the region where they grow their tobaccos.

Part of the reason for the popularity of Dominican cigars is because of the heritage behind the tobacco that is grown in the area. When the tobacco farmers in Cuba realized that they could no longer sell their products to the United States, they migrated to South America. They brought with them decades and generations of know-how, as well as the experience that they had gained working in the fields in Cuba. Once in the Republic, they began to cultivate the Cuban seed they had brought with them to begin growing tobacco in the rich and fertile fields. This is how this country became such an icon in the industry.

Popular brands such as Ashton, La Aurora, Macanudo and Montecristo are all known for the tobacco flavor that is derived from their Dominican cigars, and this is only to name a few. Many of the world’s leading producers and manufacturers of fine smokes rely on tobacco from this region because it is considered among the best in the world by aficionados everywhere.

Nearly a third of the land available in the country is considered suitable to host different crops, such as tobacco. This fertile soil and hospitable climate allows for the tobacco to thrive. Agriculture, including tobacco is a huge source of income for the country and many manufacturers have taken to growing in these fields. Most will only say that the soil is special, without going into detail that would give away their secrets. While the key ingredient in many brands is tobacco from this region that shapes Dominican cigars, some manufacturers also use blends that include tobaccos from other countries. Most of the tobacco farms are in the region of Santiago.

Some of the farms are considered quite small by industry standards, but this means that the fields will get specialized attention by those working them. This allows for the best leaves to be grown and cultivated and in turn allows for the best smokes to be created.

Today if one were to research their favorite smoke, they would more than likely find that the entire filler or the part of the blend of the filler was from this country. Others would find that their favorite smokes are almost one hundred percent Dominican cigars.

In a country that is ever changing with the times and listing tourism as one of its biggest sources of income, it is good to know that tobacco will always remain one of the biggest types of business in the country. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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