A Review Of The Hiriochi HR Cigar By CubanacanThe Hiriochi HR cigar is part of a new brand put together by Cubanacan and is yet another big change for a company that has experienced plenty of them in the past year. For the last several months, the company has trimmed down its portfolio, aiming to focus on its Conseros and Mederos lines. The new Cubanacan brand will also be an important part of the company’s efforts in the near future, and this blend is the headlining initial release. And what a release it is. It’s always best for a new brand to get started with a superb stick, but this one may be so good that it overshadows everything that follows it. One reviewer has even gone so far as to say it will be the runaway best cigar of 2015. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as the collaboration between Cubanacan and Hiriochi Robaina is a powerhouse combination.

An Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Hybrid serves as the wrapper, and the rest of the tobaccos are Nicaraguan, from Esteli and Jalapa specifically. The Hiriochi HR cigar has a dark chocolate color and marbling that’s even darker. There is some light veins visible, and the seams are apparent though they are sharply defined and look like pencil lines drawn on the stick. The most notable thing about the stogie’s construction is the foot. It is covered with the wrapper, a flourish that Robaina is known for. The band is stamped gold on black and features the name of the brand. The smoke comes in four formats, including Hermoso (5 1/8 x 48), Belicoso (5 1/2 x 52), Toro (6 x 52) and Sublime (6 1/2 x 54).

The cold draw produces several floral, cedar spice and sugar cane notes, and they create a nice light combination
. The initial third provides a different look, starting off with wood, white pepper and sweet tobacco flavors. After an inch or so, the Hiriochi HR shifts the tobacco to the front of the profile and brings out the sugar cane detected on the cold draw. The wood also shifts, evoking cedar notes. Near the end of the first third, a chocolate flavor emerges and moves into a dominant position with the tobacco.

The middle third of the Hiriochi HR cigar keeps the chocolate and natural tobacco in the primary roles though they leapfrog each other several times for the lead role. The pepper also moves from the retrohale to the palate, though it remains secondary.

The last third of the Hiriochi HR cigar sees a spice note emerge and take over the profile. The chocolate and natural tobaccos are also primary at times, and the cedar and pepper hover in the background. The stick continues in this fashion down to the nub, which finishes cool and firm.

Flavor is not the only plus element of this stick. It is also beautifully constructed, and no issues with the burn or draw have been reported by reviewers. It’s a medium stogie from start to finish, and though it’s premium priced, it is worth every penny. If a newer smoker wants to experience the best of what tobacco can do, this cigar is a great choice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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