An Online Review Of The Hammer & Sickle Icon CigarsHammer & Sickle Icon cigars were released at the 2013 IPCPR tradeshow in Nevada as the sixth series featured by the company. The latest H&S release is by far the mildest and corresponds to the luxury cigar industry’s shift in focus to medium and medium-full flavored sticks. This release is geared specifically for the enthusiast who appreciates a complex yet mild flavor. Owner Eric Hanson initially created these smokes to be paired with his successful vodka line. However, the stogies instantly began gaining popularity and prominence. The Icon itself was voted the 2013 CigarAficionado cigar of the year

Producing a cigar that is both light in color and mild in flavor is one of the most difficult tasks in the industry. The lighter the wrapper, the more apparent any flaws become. The lighter the binder and filler tobaccos, the more variations in flavor will occur. Each individual Connecticut wrapper used to create this series is hand selected through an extreme quality check, avoiding any errors. The wrap used is a U.S. Connecticut shade aged for four years instead of the traditional Ecuadorian Connecticut. The binder and filler tobaccos are a mixture of local Dominican leaves blended by Hendrick Kelner at the Tobacos Dominicanos Factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Under Kelner’s masterful guidance these hand-rolled masterpieces are available in robusto, toro, and Churchill vitolas. 

The Hammer & Sickle Icon cigars are introduced to the eye in a luxurious creamy brown, suede leather box of twenty. Each is adorned with a white footer band framed by a silver trim with H&S and the series title in classic, silver gothic type. The wrapper is a striking golden brown color, covered with sugary oils only apparent with fine aging. The vein complex is minimal and gives a wonderful marbling effect with seams only apparent under heavy scrutiny. 

Out of the box, the wrapper teases the nose with a scent of oak and a unique vanilla aroma towards the foot. The pre-light draw reveals a drag that will breathe just right, with a taste of earthy hay and sweet butter. Upon lighting, a woodsy hay flavor is quickly revealed. Shortly into smoking, the notes are joined by a cashew profile and backed by a honey butter taste produced by the shade wrap. The start of the second third is marked by a sugary, herbal spice, joining the expert pairing of barnyard oak and toasted cashews. Around the halfway mark the herbal spice begins to show a fennel-like flavor of cane sugar and licorice. All of the flavors are solidified by an ever softer but constantly noticeable warm buttery sweetness. The final third marks a delicious shift in flavor. The oaky field grass taste all but fades with the sweet cream background. An epic finish is created by sweet licorice paired with butter toffee cashews dancing on the palate. 

The burn line remains even with a fantastically steady burn rate. White ash marked by dashes of salt and pepper coloring hold for just about an inch. The entire stick provides beautiful, thick clouds of smoke while never once becoming hot or overpowering. Some even compare this series and brand to Davidoff. With this stick as a testament, the Hammer & Sickle Icon cigars easily rival the industry’s top brand and will stun any aficionado with superior quality and flavor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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