Gurkha Rogue cigar provides a boldly gratifying smoking experience.The newly released Gurkha Rogue cigar is the third line on the market for Gurkha under the East India Trading Company name. The Gurkha Cigar Group Inc. now owns this notable trademark company. Their collaborative enterprise began two years ago with the launching of the Wicked Indie, followed by the Red Witch.


Positive feedback has been circulating around customers initial encounters with the new, previously unnamed product.  Throughout the beginning of the year, the mischievous Rogue was offered as a ‘pre-release’ at company events and select retail shops, making its arrival highly anticipated. The product was officially introduced at this summer’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers’ tradeshow and subsequently provided to stores.


Combining a special blend of fine tobaccos, the box pressed Gurkha Rogue cigar is delightfully constructed with a golden Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and an unfinished foot. It is then held together with an uncommon Ecuadorian binder and filled with 3-year aged ligero tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dominican Republic. Wrapped in elaborate ribbons, the elegant appearance of the Rogue is one that reminds customers of chocolate and velvet smoothness- a true indication of the indulgence that is in store for the consumer. This smoking experience is bound to bring enthusiasts great satisfaction with its unique flavor.


The Gurkha Rogue cigar is featured in five colorfully named vitolas: Armageddon, Bamboozle, Rascal, Ruthless, and Tyrant. A vitola describes the measurement in inches and form by gauge size, of the cigar. The measurements and gauge size for each vitola are as follows: Armageddon- 6 x 66, Bamboozle- 6 x 60, Rascal- 5 1/2 x 46, Ruthless- 6 x 54, and Tyrant- 5 x 52. 


Cigar reviews agree that the prices are affordable and fair to the premium quality of the product. Customers will find standard 20-count box packaging, with primarily wider ring gauge settings. The larger gauges directly relate to the length of the product and the overall smoking experience. Considering that the size is a significant factor in the outcome of the product, this is an important influence on a customer’s decision to buy.


Reviewers of the Gurkha Rogue cigar state its odor is mild, woody, and earthy, with a bold and complex flavor that changes and builds as it is smoked. According to reviewers, the first-third of the smoke has the taste of earth, cedar, and pepper. As the smoke progresses, reviewers state the heat and spice of the pepper flavor grows and reminds them of cayenne pepper.


The second-third of the smoking experience maintains the same central flavors of earth, cedar, and pepper while also incorporating a nuttiness and creaminess, which has a sweetened undertone.


The last third is overcome with the nutty sweetness found previously. The underlying earthy, peppery, and cedar flavors continue to linger in the background.


Aficionados unanimously state that the feel of the smoke is smooth and the volume is abundant. Also, they are pleased that the level of the taste remains consistent and does not turn bitter at the end. For those seeking a boldly, gratifying smoking experience, the Gurkha Rogue cigar is an excellent choice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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