Gurkha Ghost CigarsThe Gurkha Ghost is a frighteningly tasty stogie released in the fall of 2012 just in time for Halloween. The complex flavor profile promises to entice smokers and please reviewers with its earthy and sweet undertones. The first impression is described as unique with tobaccos that are rich, providing a medium bodied experience for the aficionado. These sticks are perfect for any personal humidor, and a test drive is in order for any serious cigar enthusiast.

They are available in four sizes: the Shadow is 5 by 52, the Asura is 6 by 54, the Angel is 6 by 52, and the Exorcist is 6 by 60. The holographic band is definitely one-of-a-kind, and is a first in the industry. The striking appearance is highlighted with a bluish shine and shimmer, but the uniqueness of the band does not take away from the rich smoothness of the wrapper.

The Exorcist is a Double Toro in size, and it is manufactured in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is a Brazilian Arapiraca Madura, and it is smooth except for one or two thick veins that run about halfway through the stogie. It is a fine stick and is free of noteworthy construction issues. The first waft of smoke is a fragrant bouquet, and the burn was even from the first puff. It never needed to be re-lit and the ash was stable.

Reviewers really enjoyed the taste of the Gurkha Ghost Exorcist with its Nicaraguan and Dominican filler blend. The flavor is rich and bold with caramel and roasted barley sensations that lingered for a while, and there are similar flavors from beginning to end. There is no bitterness to the stogie, and reviewers appreciate the well-rounded, pleasant flavor.

The Gurkha Ghost Angel is a Robusto stogie with a similar Nicaraguan and Dominican filler blend. The holographic band is just as impressive and unique, catching the eye of the aficionado. It has a medium-bodied flavor and strength, and it is far from boring. The Angel is quite complex with strong earthy tones accented by flavors of chocolate and spice, and the flavors remained stable throughout. There is a lot of thick, fragrant smoke, and the burn was even and strong, so no need to re-light.

The Asura is just as impressive as the others in this Halloween series. The filler is a Nicaraguan and Dominican blend and has a nice, medium-body strength. The Gurkha Ghost Asura has a nice appearance with few veins and no soft spots. The initial flavors of spice and cedar are joined by an earthy citrus flavor that is pleasant and sweet, and by the final third it offers a tangy finish. The draw is reported as strong, and the superior balance is pleasing to reviewers.

The Gurkha Ghost Shadow is described as delicious with a rich cocoa flavor that adds to the fragrance of the smoke. It is another superb addition to the series that has reviewers raving, and the price is perfect for the budget-minded buyer. These are the right size, too, and the stable construction guarantees this will be a favorite in the humidor. The earthy spiciness is stable throughout, so the smoker has a stable flavor blend that can be appreciated without any surprises.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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