The Foundry Worm Hole Is A New Cigar Line With Several ReleasesThe Foundry Worm Hole is a new line from the risk taking boutique and consists of several releases falling under the same thematic banner. Since its startup a few years ago, the brand has been interested in surrounding its cigars with scientific imagery and lore, taking on Tesla, Edison and other scientists and engineers. This line takes a different tactic, condensing theoretical physics and time travel into a compact tobacco package. The line will consist of six blends, grouped into three pairs. Each pair of releases is themed to a particular time period, starting with 1964, moving to present day and ending with a futuristic looking 2064 aesthetic.

All six releases are available in two vitolas, a 5 1/2 x 50 and a 6 x 52. The names of the vitolas will change depending on the release. The 5 1/2 x 50 will be called Expect (1964), Worm (2014) and Hal-ION (2064). The 6 x 52 will be called The Unexpected (1964), Hole (2014) and Hell-E-IN (2064). The Foundry Worm Hole will follow other releases by the brand in that the blend details will be kept a secret for as long as possible. A company spokesman, though, did mention that the tobaccos used in these blends are rare and that some of them have never been used before in one of the brand’s cigars. Also like other releases by the company, each stick is adorned with a durable keepsake around the band. In the past, the company has used nuts and other metal pieces that are left behind after the cigar goes out. These releases will carry that trend. Packaging is another standout, and each box will have a unique design that meshes with its companion release. The 1964 blends form a vintage comic strip, the 2014 blends a simple, minimalistic design and the 2064 blends a strange design that resembles as a spaceship.

Overall, the Foundry Worm Hole releases will be around medium body, so they should be accessible to a maximum number of aficionados. The first waves of reviewers have agreed that the blends are on the sweeter side, producing sweet tobacco, cream and vanilla flavors. The tobacco also creates some oak and pepper notes as well, so it is not just your standard dessert stick. Some reviewers even detected a unique char flavor that provides a nice savory facet to the smokes, so they are not entirely predictable. 

The company has long put a focus on construction as well, so it’s no surprise that these sticks offer an excellent burn and draw, and great performance overall. With its sharp build and interesting flavors, it is not just a nice centerpiece in the humidor; it is a smart option for the discerning aficionado.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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