Information About The Foundry Rare Air Cigar Line & The Four BlendsThe Foundry Rare Air cigar line is, like all of the company’s other offerings, surrounded by intrigue. It’s split up into four blends and was first debuted at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, which was another big show for General Cigar Company. In all, Foundry showed off 11 blends and appears to be prepared for another big year. And while little is known about these sticks, the early reports from reviewers who received pre-release stogies are extremely positive.

According to the company, the Foundry Rare Air cigar line is produced with seeds pulled from the 1960s and grown on a tiny Dominican farm typically used for experimenting with tobaccos. The plants are harvested in small batches and aged in small batches as well, which makes them very limited. This also lends itself to the name of the line. Each of the blends will be available in a single vitola, a 5 1/2 x 49 Robusto, and only limited information is available for each of the four blends. If the company stays true to its tight-lipped method of communication, it’s unlikely that the blend details will ever be completely clear. These blends include the ET-P1, ET-P2, ET-S3, AP-AD. 

The ET-P1 offers a Rosado Claro wrapper that has a lot of reddish flecks lacing its surface. In all, it looks like the color of clay and merges some sweet and spicy flavors. Specifically, aficionados pointed out black pepper, cedar spice, molasses, cream, leather and some natural tobacco notes. 

The ET-P2 is a treat to behold, with a wrapper that is oily and dark enough to cast a reflection. It is very toothy and has many dark spots giving it a lot of color contrast throughout, making it look like a piece of mahogany. There are a lot of interesting flavors in this one, including meat, red pepper, cream, earth, hot chocolate, cinnamon, cherry and vanilla. 

The ET-S3 mimics the toothy, rough feel of the other blends in the line though it has a standard medium brown color. This stick brings quite a bit of power in addition to its range of flavors, hitting smokers with a heavy dose of black pepper, natural tobacco, coffee, leather, dark chocolate and citrus notes.

The AP-AD may be the roughest and darkest of the four, taking on the color of black coffee and glistening with a thick layer of oil. There is a strong taste of chocolate in this stick, even leaving some chocolate notes on the palate as an aftertaste. Other flavors include caramel, toast, oak, espresso and what one reviewer called burnt mocha, which he described as a combination of cream, charcoal, coffee and chocolate flavors. 

All four of the Foundry Rare Air cigar blends are for experienced aficionados and will challenge with their range of intense flavors. Those that follow the boutique with interest know that the company can always be counted on to create some unique blends. They’ll be happy to know that these sticks continue the trend.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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