How To Find The Foundry Original Cigar Online For SaleThe Foundry Original cigar is definitely that, a unique offering that eschews traditional blending and presentation. Produced by Michael Giannini, the most visible figure of La Gloria Cubana, this stick pays homage to Giannini’s fascination with Steampunk. Closely aligned with popular science fiction, Steampunk is an alternate history in which steam-powered machines represent the most common form of technology, similar to the stories of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. While Giannini is best known for his work with La Gloria Cubana, this stogie is not affiliated with the LGC brand.

This smoke is available in four vitolas, including Talbot (5 x 60), Wells (6 x 50), Lovelace (6 1/2 x 54) and Caylay (6 1/2 x 60)
. It immediately stands out in any humidor because it comes adorned with a metal gear that surrounds the band. The band itself is pretty standard, though sharply designed with retro lettering, but the toothed gear gives the stick a creative finish. The wrapper is a Connecticut H-47 Pleno Sol, but Giannini is keeping the binder and fillers a secret. However, the binder and fillers aren’t from countries normally known for their tobacco. This includes Nicaragua, the Dominican, Honduras and Mexico. In short, the Foundry Original cigar creates a number of unique flavors using a mysterious collection of tobaccos. The prelight consists of some fruity sweetness which reviewers most often compared to blueberry. It also produces a touch of tobacco and some sweet bread.

The initial third of the smoke starts with a sweet mix of oak and cedar flavors
. These notes provide the dominant taste throughout the first-third, but are soon backed up by the bold fruity sweetness detected on the prelight. Instead of blueberry, though, reviewers tasted something closer to banana. The retrohale produces a smoked wood note that is gentle on the nose. There is little spice in this part of the stick, so it is a perfect stogie to relax with.

In the second-third of the stick, the oak, cedar and banana flavors are still the most apparent, but are now about even in terms of strength. As a result, there isn’t a true dominant flavor in this part of the smoke. The retrohale is also similar, with the smoked wood flavor clearly coming through.

During the last third of the Foundry Original cigar, the flavors hold true, with the banana sweetness fading just a bit into the background. From start to finish, reviewers found this smoke to be extremely consistent with its flavors and maintaining a good balance between the three principal notes.

Though it is medium bodied, it is clearly mild in terms of strength. With its sweetness and low intensity, this smoke would be an ideal choice for an inexperienced smoker or for a morning or desert treat. The construction, even with the metal gear hanging on, is superb and produces an excellent burn and draw as a result. In all, this stogie is not just a gimmick, as it creates a delicious range of tastes while standing out visually.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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